The seller of this product has created this contest as an incentive to affiliates that promote. The bonus prizes listed on this page are to be paid by the seller. only provides the statistical data of affiliate sales and is not involved in the redemption process.

Funnel Affiliate Contest
Name: VidToon Launch
Product: VidToon Commercial
Seller: Cindy Donovan
Start Date: 2020-04-20 00:00
End Date: 2020-04-26 23:59
Status: Active
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Contest Details:

Mon 9am ET 20th April - Sun 11:59 pm PT April 26th
(Teams Allowed)

First Place: $1,500
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $250 
Fourth Place: $100
Fifth Place: $100

*Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made sales 2x or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then you will be awarded the price below.

Position Name
#1 Paul Ponna & Sid Diwar
#2 Todd Gross
#3 Vlad & Stoica
#4 Kaytie Lee
#5 Venkata Ramana & Sam Bakker
#6 Dr. Amit Pareek (MaxDrive RELOADED - 9th Aug)
#7 Abhi Dwivedi [VineaSX]
#8 Maulana Malik & Nelson Long
#9 Mark Mason & Shelley Penney
#10 Syed Akram & Jai Sharma