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3 No-Cost Ways the 'Little Guy' marketer can launch a product like a Guru...

Have Someone Else Launch YOUR product for you In A BIG Way @ ZERO-Cost

3 ways to 'Leverage' the assets of others and they will thank you for it...

Truth: The Average Guy Won't Pull-Off A Product Launch - Don't be AVERAGE!

You've Got Your Product Created and Ready To Launch... Now What?


Email Body Copy:

You hear about Product launches all of the time, right?

It seems as if some 'Guru' is doing a six figure launch
just about every day of the week.

Have you ever wondered why the 'little guy' just can't
seem to pull off a successful product launch?

You can find out here:

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Well, it's mainly because the average person can’t get
influential partners to promote their offer for them as
a part of the launch.

Take the influential partners out of the “formula” for a
product launch and you basically have yourself sending
out some mailings to your own list... IF YOU have one!!

Believe it or not...

If you don't have a list, an affiliate program, a network
of partners, a group of people who will help you launch
your product, you can "piggyback" off someone who does
in order to successfully launch your own product.

The trick to this is simply knowing how to do it. :)

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Well that brings us to the purpose of this message. Today
I discovered a short, 20-page report that shows you THREE
no-cost ways to launch your product like a GURU entitled...

"Little Guy Launch Pad"

Using the methods layed out for you in this report, you can
seriously expect to have a successful launch that could net
you 5 figures easily if your product is high quality and you
did your research first to make sure there's a market for it.

This levels the playing field for the Little Guy when it comes
to launching a new or existing product successfully!

It's currently running as a DIMESALE so get it now before
the price sky-rockets!

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Subject Lines:

Have someone else Launch YOUR Product at Zero-Cost to you...

Truth: The Average Person Can't Successfully Launch A Product - Don't be Average!

You've Got Your Product Created... Now What?

Don't be Average!

Email Body Copy:

All of the Guru's will tell you that affiliate marketing is
great but to make REAL money-online you need to have
your own product, Right?

I'm sure you've heard it before but if not, well I'm here
to tell you that it's true.

There's no way that being an affiliate can be as profitable
as being the product owner and having an army of affiliates
selling the product for you.

But there's a problem that most people don't think about
until they've spent a ton of time and money creating their

...once you create your own product what then?

The Average Marketer can't successfully launch a new or
existing product... Don't be AVERAGE!

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How can you get your new or existing product out to the
masses quickly enough to recoup your investment and
see a profit?

More importantly, how do you launch it like the guru's do
and make 5 or 6 figures in just a matter of a few days?

Well, it's VERY easy to launch your product ALONE if you
don't mind getting a handful of sales from your own list of
subscribers (if you have a list) and calling that a launch.


There's a better way to do it and it won't cost you a dime
to get the same results as the guru's do from launching
your product.

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I just discovered a NICE short 20 page report that will show
you THREE (3) very easy to implement methods of getting
guru style results from your product launch without paying
for the privilege.

It's called 'Little Guy Launch Pad' and it just went LIVE and
it's running on DIMESALE with a CRAZY LOW starting price.

Grab your copy today at the best price posible and get your
product out there making you some moolah!

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