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SUBJECT: Why Creating Your Own Products Is A BAD Idea... (some will not like this)


Not so long ago a subscriber of mine once asked
me 'I'm desperate to make money online... will
you help me create my own product from scratch
so I can start selling it?...'

To which I replied... 'How much you have to
budget aside?...'

To which he repied... 'A couple of hundred - but
it's all I have and I need to make it work!'

How did I respond?... By telling him NOT to get
involved in product creation at all UNTIL he made
money selling products that other people have

There are so many wannabes and hopefuls who want
to risk everything into one project and hoping
that it will all work out - even if it's
everything they've got.

And as you know the real world doesn't work like
that no matter how hopeful you may be.

Things go wrong all the time and risking
everything into one endeavour especially if
you're unsure of the outcome is a VERY bad move.

This is why I recommended that it's best to 'sell
what other people have made.'

So what did I mean by saying that?...

Resell rights.

If you didn't know already products that come
with resell rights give you explicit permission
to sell the product to your own customers for
100% profit.

They usually come with their own sales letter,
graphics, video/audio/ebook content, squeeze
page, an email sequence and much much more so 99%
of the work is already done for you.

The point is... how much would you have to risk
to get all this done yourself?... and wouldn't it
be smarter to use what's already created change
it a little bit to make it your own and then sell
it on the same day?

Ask yourself this...

If you can't sell what's already been created by
an expert in the field of product creation, then
what chance do you have of selling your own

It makes no sense.

So this is why I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for
products that come with resell rights before I
get involved in creating my own. It's a lot
cheaper, and a lot less risky, and when done
right, you should be able to profit with it many
times over your investment... which means I can
sleep at night!

So where do you find products to re-sell and who
produces the best on the web?


P.S. If you've ever wanted to start selling your own products without the hassles and costs in creating them you're going to love this! There's also a very cool video on the site that'll explain how the system works. Follow the link to watch and turn your speakers up! => YOUR LINK

SUBJECT: RE: Have your products created for you... Still available!


A couple of days ago I told you Platinum Resell
Rights membership.

This is a complete turn-key solution for those
who want to sell their own product but don't want
to go through the cost and expense of making it

If you missed it you can check it out here:


I also received some questions regarding this
site and because I do with with resell rights
products all the time I'm more than happy to
answer them for you here...

Q. "What if there's other people like me trying
to sell the same product?... Won't that make it
difficult to sell?..."

Let me tell you from personal experience that
this is NOT the case.

I've bought 100s of products with resell rights
in the past that many seasoned marketers bought
too - which didn't affect my sales, my refund
rates, and still allows me to make money with
them even years later!

There's 3 main reasons for this...

1. I built my own mailing list.

That's right, you've heard it time and time
again. The money is in the list. I have several
squeeze pages set up on different domains that
collect new interested subscribers every day.

So when I acquire a new product I can sell it to
my list with end user rights or resell rights or
even PLR if the license permits me to.

What are the chances of other marketers selling
to people on my list?... Slim - especially if I'm
sourcing my traffic from many different places
which leads me on to my next point...

2. I generate traffic from many sources.

I promote my squeeze pages from many different
traffic sources like articles, ezine ads, the
search engines, forums, blog posts and even from
affiliate referrals.

Traffic continues to flow through these type of
sites every day. My question is, how can another
reseller being in all the same places at the same
time building the same list subscribers as you?

3. The product sells.

In the purest sense, if a product is in demand
and has a well written sales page and decent
looking graphics, packed with good solid content
then you're already on to a winner.

Your job as a marketer is to get in front of the
people that need the information (your
subscribers) and start promoting the product to

So if you think that competition is a 'problem'
think again. Competition will always exist in
almost every money-making method you try online.

The real question it whether you're up to the
challenge of making it work for you!

Q. "What makes these Platinum products better
than the ones on other sites?... I can't really
tell the difference?..."

The difference is all in the details and the
details count towards the money that goes into
your bank account.

Most products that come with some form or rights
come with a pre-written sales letter and some
half-attempted graphic design.

This is a problem because it means you've got to
put a fair amount of work into it to make it look
good! That's time you could have spent promoting
your site and make money!

When you compare your average reseller products
with Platinum products, you'll notice how
everything is created in great detail so you can
have it setup and uploaded in literally minutes.

If you're still interested in owning your own
products without having to go through the hassles
of making them yourself, then it's really worth
considering joining Platinum Resell Rights.

But you'll have to hurry because we're running
this at a discount rate which will be removed
soon as new content is added. 

Here's the link again: