Product: "Automated List Profits" Platinum Membership (One Time Fee)

Vendor: Carl Kmetz

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Additional Affiliate Information:

Affiliates that are approved will receive commissions and paid on or around the 17th of each month after 60 days of purchase, as per PayPal's refund period, to guarantee legitimacy of purchase and customer satisfaction.

NOTE: Affiliate links provided cannot be used for your own purchases. Any purchases made by an affiliate using their OWN Affiliate Link, the affiliate may be band and forfeit any outstanding commissions.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions:

Under Any Circumstances: Affiliates must NOT use the following

methods to promote our products and services:

  • Mailing to email lists that do not allow recipients to unsubscribe.
  • Mailing to email lists that contravene the CanSpam laws.
  • Mailing to email lists with subject lines like – “Make Money Now” "Make Easy Money"… etc.
  • Using prizes or cash rebates as an incentive.
  • Misrepresent our product/offer 
  • Using negative words such as ‘scam’ in any PPC or campaign.
  • Using cookie stuffing or other methods of link hijacking.

We request this to minimize SPAM complaints and we always suggest that you use a "Double Optin" or Two-Step process, where a subscriber fills out your signup form and receives an email with a link to confirm their subscription before mailing offers.


Any affiliate found breaching these terms will be terminated from the affiliate program and will forfeit any outstanding commissions.


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