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Hey JV's

I am multi award winning SEO blogger Matthew Woodward and I need your help.

You see:

The last time I launched my certification it delivered a $16 EPC and this time it's even better and open to JV's for the first time!

I am famous for my high quality SEO tutorials and I have not held back with this launch.

At the end of the prelaunch videos, yours subscribers will know how to rank any site in any niche.* This is 100% hardcore hands on SEO training over my shoulder.

All of that is backed by 9 incredible SEO ranking case studies that will send sales crazy.

We'll look at the strategies behind a site in the health niche with 2.3 million visitors & an ecommerce store that has generated $13 million.

This free video series is perfect for anyone that wants to increase their organic search traffic and I guarantee that your subscribers will love you for sharing it with them!

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Product Details

My complete certification program teaches the ranking strategies behind some of the most competitive niches in SEO.

At the end, people will have a complete hands on working knowledge of how to plan, build and execute a powerful campaign.

The certification is made up of 53 lessons, 39 videos and 6 worksheets.

There are a total of 6 exams to pass.

At the end of the certification I dispatch a physical certificate to the student (you can see an example of this on the JV page)

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Affiliate Details

  • Frontend: $497 (50% commission)
  • Upsell: $599/year (30% recurring commission )
  • Downsell: $79/mo (30% recurring commission )
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I am going to level the playing field and reward you for your individual performance.

There is a performance based leads and sales contest.

You need to send just 250 leads or 8 sales to get a guaranteed prize!

Top sellers will earn a Tesla Model 3 - and remember those prizes are guaranteed based on your individual performance.

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Key Dates

  • September 22nd - Free training video #1
  • September 26th - Free training video #2
  • September 29th - Free training video #3
  • October 2nd - Open cart
  • October 6th - Close cart
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Why Should You Promote?

Proven 6 figure funnel - My battle proven launch funnel is guaranteed to turn your traffic into dollars.* The content rich launch sequence will send your subscribers wild.

$36,200 Bonuses For EVERY AFFILIATE - You could earn a Tesla Model 3 in my performance based optin and sales prize boards which levels the playing field for all.

Instant Recurring Commissions - The funnel will generate one time, monthly recurring and annual recurring sales from your traffic. This guarantees that you keep getting paid.

Award Winning Content - My SEO training has won multiple awards & this trend continues with the 4 free videos that reveal the ranking secrets behind the most competitive niches in SEO.

Thanks in advance for all of your help and please reach out to me if you want to discuss any special promotions, interviews or webinars.