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PSFX 3.0 Professional - Instantly create e-book, kindle, cd, or software covers in minutes. Includes 32,000 Instant eCovers and get access to 40 unique 3D Group Bundle Shots! *LAUNCH SPECIAL* Includes Designer/Developer License *NOTICE: THIS PACKAGE REQU
  • Now You Can Have 32,000 eCover Templates At Your Fingertips
  • Developer Designer Rights Included!
  • Unlock The Group Shot Feature And Make Your eCover Bundles Look Awesome!
  • Leap Frog Nasty and Expensive Graphics Software That Frustrates
  • I'm completely LOST FOR WORDS. When I heard about Pixel Studio FX and what they were trying to do with custom graphic covers... I said NOPE.... you can't compete with Photoshop. Then when I started using the software I realized I ate my words. This is AMAZING. The bar has been raised...
    Chad Nicely
  • I've personally used Pixel Studio FX and have to say I loved it. I'll be recommending this to everyone with a 10/10. It really is an essential tool in every marketer's arsenal. It will personally save (and make me) thousands of dollars.
    Michael Cheney
  • I used to do my own book covers in Photoshop ... then, I discovered Pixel Studio FX. Not only can I create my book covers faster but I can actually also do them much better because of the tools and library they provide. ... and I redesigned many of my previous books covers with Pixel Studio FX ... Plus, it's way cheaper than Photoshop and a thousand times easier to learn to use.
    Mitchell Watrous
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