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The Perfect Sales Letter Template
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How to write an entire sales letter from scratch using a 10-step proven template... even if you have never written any sales copy before!
  • You’ll be able to write an irresistible sales letter just be following an easy, step by step, proven and time-tested sales letter template. The sales letter will be complete and ready-to-go!
  • Each step of the template contains complete and crystal clear instructions about what and how to write the copy… And you’ll ALSO see two actual examples for each step!
  • 3 FREE Bonuses Valued At $135.95
  • “Every entrepreneur must have a familiarity with the art of copywriting so they can recognize whether a sales letter will, or will not, work when it’s presented to his prospects. Jack Sarlo’s Straight Talk on The Perfect Sales Letter Template will give you the knowledge you need to recognize if a letter is viable. And, after studying the template, you’ll own the skills you need for laying out a workable marketing message yourself.”
    Joe Jackson
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