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Secrets of Using Water For Fuel
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Secrets of Using Water For Fuel reports on disruptive technology, new discoveries that make a special type of water that you can produce at home into the perfect, clean, renewable fuel. Customers learn about the science, the new inventions and even have a
  • Why water is the secret to super efficient electrolysis. Discover a special type of water that reduces current required to make pure hydrogen fuel by up to 83%. Best of all, you’ll learn how to make this special Orgone water at home. And, it will only cost you pennies a gallon!
  • Plans for a low cost and simple but efficient hydrogen fuel cell you can build in your home workshop.
  • Why the coming worldwide economic collapse could leave Americans in the dark ages with no power, no light and, maybe no fuel. You can prepare yourself now so your family is not left without power during the coming hard times.
  • How to produce your own zero pollution fuel virtually for free to provide all your electric power needs OFF-THE-GRID. You could even live on a glorious, remote island anywhere in the world and never have to worry about your source of power.
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