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1 Hour Tarot & Psychic Life Coaching
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Book a 1 Hour Tarot and Psychic Life Coaching session with Priestess Sekhmet! Ask as many questions as you like and receive the guidance and practical advice to manifest your desires effectively and consistently!
  • Service Includes a personal Tarot Reading based on your personal astrology and can address any sector of your life.
  • Service also includes psychic advice and counsel to assist you with addressing any challenges identified in your personal tarot reading.
  • Each sessions lasts one hour, comes with a picture of your cards and a detailed written analysis of your reading.
  • "I'm more focused on the task at hand and pay less attention to distractions! I feel much more in control and in charge of my life! Thanks Priestess!"
    Wynette Williams
  • "Priestess Sekhmet's spiritual coaching sessions have not only helped me to expand in my spiritual knowledge and practice but helped to boost my confidence as well!"
    Tammie Collins
  • "Priestess radiates love and healing energy that you can feel! She has a true desire to help better the world and genuinely cares for you!"
    L'Oreal Frye
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