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QuizTarget 2022 Pro
Amount $97.00
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QuizTarget Pro is the upgraded version of QuizTarget that lets you uncover features and bonuses that are worth $7,950. It is a must for serious marketers and businesses!
  • Unlimited Quiz Campaigns – You can go ahead and start creating Quiz Campaigns as per your preferences and limitlessly. It means capturing unlimited number of leads without worries!
  • Build Custom Audience Funnels – With easy Facebook pixel and Google tag integration you can build custom audiences for remarketing and fire events based on the quiz taker’s responses. You can even create custom audiences of those who didn’t complete your quiz!
  • Auto-Hosted Quizzes – Automatically create a self-hosted URL for your Quiz Campaigns ready for you to share on social media or emails. No website, landing pages or coding required! 
  • Schedule your Quizzes Automatically – You can select a day and time for your quizzes to go live – it is awesome for launches, agencies and owners of multiple sites.
  • “Thanks to QuizTarget, now I am able to create unlimited multiple quiz campaigns. And that has helped me capture so many leads without boundaries.”
    Alex C.
  • “I am now generating 5x leads than earlier, and that has become possible because of QuizTarget’s Pro features. I will suggest this magnificent tool to all.”
    Pinky M.
  • “QuizTarget works easy for me even when I don’t possess prior technical skills. And that has made me avoid all training to be an expert to start capturing leads for my biz."
    Joe C.
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