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Lead Automated Agency
Amount: $62.00
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Lead is a system that helps get and automate the lead conversion process for you. Get your own digital business card with instant call to actions. A mobile app to track all leads coming in, an automated pipeline to follow your leads through to conversio
  • Instant Call To Action
  • Instant Notification of Lead Activity
  • I used to be a big believer in paper business cards but no more! eBizCards, when properly used with LCS software, bring me targeted leads on autopilot all day long. And the best part? Whether I'm in the office or at the beach, I can quickly and easily handle them all right from my smartphone
    Tiger Bill
  • This product has become my flag ship product and service that has landed my multiple clients that pay $2500 a month to 5k a month and more.
    Mark Sansom
  • LCS has changed the way I do business. One feature has increased my show up rate on strategy calls by 40%.
    Courtney Kostelecky
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