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Superfood for Stroke - Swiss Army Knife
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Discover more on your powerful superfood and enjoy more with the useful tips from dealing with depression, jumpstart to boost your superfood journey, and further on the bad and the ugly food that will jeopardize your stroke recovery, as well as more helpf
  • Reduce your risk of stroke by 8% and risk of heart attack by 38%.
  • Superfood and the healing power over the 5 most common stroke impacts.
  • More than 20 nutrients and the food rich in it that takes you step ahead from other stroke survivor.
  • I used to have a long list of food to avoid due to my alleviate sugar level. Ate a spoonful of cake, and I can felt my sugar level spike up. Its torturing to always cheat a day before my sugar check. Now, no more. Eat right and feel right.
    Susan Tran
  • I specially like the 2 superfoods, as I no longer have to woke up frequently in the middle of the night, just to went to toilet.
    Lynn Harris
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