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bizVideo 3 Month Advantage
Amount $269.99
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Turn T-shirts, TV ads, blogs, email, texts, social media, brochures, web pages, mailers and more into interactive video campaigns. Use any video to capture and identify leads, build lists and close sales. bizVideo transforms videos into marketing.
  • Never suffer from old links again. With bizVideo campaign's evergreen links and QR Codes, update your videos anytime in real time. No need to remarket, republish or reprint.
  • Only bizVideo makes it this easy for you to respond to your new leads in minutes. And minutes mean money.
  • Video format agnostic. Use YouTube videos, pre-recorded or record on the fly right from your phone.
  • To boost your visibility, bizVideo campaigns have built-in geo-location based Search Engine Marketing and many share buttons. bizVideo campaigns are automatically optimized for search engines. What you save in SEO expenses more than pays for bizVideo.
  • My bizVideo campaigns alert me to which prospects are interested in my services. I spend my time following up with only those prospects that have a genuine interest. That increases my conversion rate significantly. Isn't that how you want to spend your time?
    Jackie – legal services
  • Quick response is critical in my personal product sales. bizVideo puts those hot leads right on my cell phone so I can respond with just the touch of my finger. bizVideo helps in taking those orders and I deliver them fast. My customers love my service and keep coming back.
    Jennifer - personal products
  • bizVideo's evergreen links and QR codes, I avoid reprinting and redistributing my materials each time I make an update in my bizVideo campaigns. That is awesome and is a huge saving. I can't imagine no one ever thought about it.
    Jim - employment consultant and coach
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