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Tagget Pro
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The FIRST and ONLY Multi-Channel Marketing Platform That Allows You To Capture, Engage & Interact with Visitors On ANY Website By Leveraging Automatic Phone Calls, Text Messaging, Email, Video Stories… & Even Interactive Voice Response System
  • Get a 2-Way A.I Phone Number for FREE to Process Your Text, Calls And Interactive Voice Response System.
  • Create Automatic Lead-Capture Funnels so that you can build a list of RESPONSIVE subscribers
  • Automatically Set Up Simultaneous Text, Email And Interactive Voice Response “Campaigns” for ALL Your New Leads
  • Built-in Mass, Auto-Dialer So You Can make LIVE calls via your Tagget dashboard and Receive incoming calls through your auto-generated tagget number
  • Tagget is a great marketing tool which allows you to engage with customers in a more professional manner. What makes Tagget different is that you can actually have your very own call center type structure
    Jessica M. Bell
  • I'm using it now, and it truly is incredible. With the few features it had at start I have been testing it, and it's actually live on a couple sites now. Incredible software. Really can't wait to start helping my clients with this too. Thanks for one of the most incredible platforms I've been able to use and offer clients
    James R. Henry
  • Tagget manages to differentiate itself from the others in its own unique way. To combine chat, SMS, a very capable CRM, email inbox, WhatsApp communication tool, voice, and chat widgets — to keep tabs on your leads and customers is HUGE!
    Scott Jones
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