Authors are paying us big bucks to find out...
How To Hack Your Way Into The Amazon Best Seller List

Dear Author,
"Talk is cheap"
"Money talks"
"Learn from experience"

These are all statements that wise people not only speak, but live by.

Let me ask you a question...

Are you tired of paying for crappy advice from people who shouldn't be giving advice in the first place?

Personally nothing frustrates me more than when I see a marketer who's signature says something to the effect of "How You Can Make $1000 monthly With Simple CPA Tactics".... and I KNOW they aren't successful CPA marketers.

Look... many Warriors know me and have paid me healthy fees to consulting and advice. Many of these same Warriors credit my coaching as a stepping stone to their success.

The reason... like all good marketers and coaches, I ONLY ever give advice from experience. I ONLY share proven strategies that work.

And earlier this year, I had the very fortunate opportunity to become a best selling author. Not an ebook author but a real, physical paperback book.

Despite dozens of strong opinions from friends, mentors and associates that I should publish only on Kindle and give my book away FREE only asking for shipping and handling.... I rejected that advice.

I wanted to have a best SELLER
Not a best "freebie" 

And on April 20, 2012, my book Chronic Marketer launched and reached number 1 in multiple categories as well as hitting the TOP 40 OVERALL on Amazon.

Having a published, physical book is a game changer. 

I literally have more opportunities than I can take on... and finding my only real challenge these days is having to say no to some great ideas!

So I speak from experience when I say.... 

You CAN hack your way into the best seller list
You CAN self publish a book and turn it into a massive success story
You CAN take your business to a completely new level and never look back

And now I want revisit my book launch experience with you. 

Do-It-Yourself Best Seller

This is a 10 part video course built by my biz partner, Justin Popovic and myself.

In this course, we revisit the entire experience of my best selling book launch, combine it with my experience help my wife launch not 1... but 2 popular cook books... AND the self publishing success of my elite level consulting clients.

What you will learn:

  • How to properly define your audience and write a book that caters to their exact dreams and desires
  • The "real" money to be made in a book launch is NOT book sales. It is something else completely
  • The one thing you must know when it comes to branding you and your book on social media sites
  • How to generate pre-launch buzz and get people anxious about buying
  • How to quickly and easily find all the content you need for your first book
  • Understanding the various styles of book and knowing ahead of time which one you want to fit in with
  • The real secret to naming your book to guarantee it gets noticed
  • 5 cover design secrets that will ABSOLUTELY make or break your book's success
  • Everything you need to know about building a large and engaged pre-launch list
  • The sure fire way to waste money and effort on bad press releases... and what to do instead
  • A critical step to ensure you don't sabotage your own success
What you get:

This product contains 10 videos and over 120 minutes worth of content. 

Each video also excludes a PDF extraction of the key points covered in each lesson.

Bonus - You also get a free copy of my "Personal Branding" report which is a VERY important element when it comes to publishing a book.

Whether you, or someone you know, wants to publish a book... I guarantee that this video course will provide a ton of "aha" moments and true insights into the self publishing world.

A few months ago I would not have been able to share this product with you because I hadn't DONE any of it yet.

But now that I have, I am so excited to share these insights and I am confident you will get MORE than your money's worth with this product.
Brought to you by:
Brad Gosse and Justin Popovic


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