Materia Medica means the substances of medicine.

Vis Medicatrix Naturae means the healing power of nature.

In this book, you can find the natural remedies you need to heal and nourish you body.

Materia Medica is a reference volume for natural medicine. It sets the context of healing the whole person, body, mind and spirit in the fractal holographic living universe.

The companion volume, Anima Medica, meaning the soul of medicine, extends and completes this contextual overview, effectively healing the Cartesian divide for the first time.


Materia Medica

Materia Medica and Anima Medica are an encyclopedia of Accelerated Self-Healing.

The greatest beauty of this work is not its conceptual symmetry and coherence, but its effectiveness in clinical practice. 

It represents the system of natural medicine that first demonstrated the ability to restore functional vision in multiple legally blind patients suffering from the leading cause of what was previously irreversible blindness. 

While related achievements are now being documented with stem cell injections, this continues to be the only effective natural and non-invasive method, documented by multiple Harvard trained retinal specialists.





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