Everyone needs a plan before floodwaters rise!

Everyone Needs a Comprehensive

Flood Emergency Preparedness Plan


Maybe you are a professional with clients or tenants who should have a written flood emergency preparedness plan!  You do not have time to teach others to follow the steps required to reduce the risk of damage to your property while moving out of the way of nature's fury!  These Emergency Preparedness Plans, in PDF format, are comprehensive guides to develop the family emergency plan.  

Websites tell people what to do, but these plans will show how to write a plan and test the plan before floodwaters rise!


Get Your PLR Emergency Preparedness Plans - Now!

Provide your clients with guidance that explains itself!


Before the next natural disaster strikes your clients will:

  • Devise an escape plan according to recommended guidelines;
  • Create a communication plan to stay informed;
  • Make plans for short-term shelter for the family and pets;
  • Assemble a personalized grab-and-go kit;
  • Change the current storage locations of key papers and valuable belongings;
  • Gather the family supply kit for evacuating or sheltering in place;
  • Learn what to do on the day of the event;
  • Evaluate the plan before an event happens and conduct a drill;
  • Learn what to do after the event;
  • Complete the creation of the plan in manageable segments.



Before Floodwaters Arrive . . .

This can happen - ANYWHERE!


Make sure people you know have completed one of these!

Twelve pages of instructions for HOW to create your flood emergency preparedness plan


One PLR License for this Flood Emergency Preparedness Plan allows you to provide a copy to each of your clients!  Additional licenses are required for your associates to send these plans to their clients. 

Purchase of these plans entitles you to attach your company information to the plan under Private Label Rights, or PLR.  You are not purchasing the Private Label Rights, which means that you cannot sell these plans.  You may not transfer use of these plans to another person, business or entity.



Save your valuable time & your client's lives!


Get Your Emergency Preparedness Plans - Now!


PLR - Emergency Plan - Flood



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