Make a Custom "BUY NOW" Button In Under 7 Minutes 

 The Fast Smart Way To Get Paid Today (and Tipped!) 

 From Your Blog or Wordpress pages.

by: Al Hummel 12/20/2014

"PAYPAL Tip-Jar"

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We all know theres total truth behind these words,

“Ask And You Shall Receive.” 


In order for that fact to take action in todays digital world, we must truly utilize a more technical way to accept currency. 


Adding a PayPal “Buy Now” button on our blog, review page, or website opens up that digital door, inviting money to freely come in. 


Less than 7 minutes of work lets us attract payments and accept gratuity for anything we wish to ask for or offer such as....


  • People hiring us for our services...

  • People buying our physical or digital products for sale...

  • People paying us for coaching or phone consultations...

  • People Giving Us TIPS (aka: Accepting Gratuities!)


Those two simple words "BUY NOW" attracts attention from both buyers and givers.


Even if our blog isn't offering anything for sale, simply setting up a PayPal Button to work just like a tip jar lets people GIVE SOME GRATITUDE whenever they feel like it. 


Read on and you'll clearly understand what I mean...

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PAYPAL TIP JAR is a lesson

Providing you real time screen-shots and simple to follow step by step instructions.

This guides you quickly through the easiest PayPal Button creation process in minutes.

A truly valuable visual learning tool you will always have saved as a .pdf for quick reference.


It’s a fact -- customers, clients, and our everyday readers LOVE GIVING GENEROUS TIPS for helpful advice. 


You and I both know the act of giving truly feels GOOD and lot’s of people out there feel that same way too. 


A big portion of our readers, clients, and potential customers would love the opportunity to give us extra thanks and gratitude, so don't overlook that true fact.


paypal tip jar giving hands.jpg

Think about it psychologically about for a minute.


Not having a PayPal Button available is totally ignoring the customers wholehearted desire to Buy or Give as they wish.  


And we know it (because we do it too) sometimes people buy things and give money just to express their ongoing thanks in return support.


Remember: That simple act of buying a little something from us, or giving us a well deserved tip out of the kindness of their heart, is allowing the customer to feel their happiest! 


Follow The Golden Rule. Our goal is to make the customer happy, right?

With that in mind isn't it time we always provide them the opportunity to GIVE?


paypal tip jar image 4.jpg

Readers, clients, and potential customers want to buy something from us, 

and at the same time, they will leave us gratitude if we just simply allow it.


This only takes a few extra minutes of work. The steps to include a custom PayPal button at the bottom of any blog post, review page, or wordpress page are simple. 


It quickly becomes the best part of our everyday writing workflow and truly said, there’s no excuses for not taking action towards attracting money. 


I’m here to show you how I do it perfectly.

Step by step, start to finish, fast and easy,

7 minute lesson you will always remember and use.


Overlooking the idea by thinking that it's "too complicated" for you is totally False. If you can copy and past you can keep up with the pace.


That is exactly what PAYPAL “TIP+JAR” is all about, 

keeping it super simple, straightforwards, and Smart.

paypal tip jar image 3.jpg

Read 3 more quick reasons 


is so well worth your time today.


  1. REPUTATION: Everyone knows PayPal’s branding. That positive energy reflects directly back onto us, our product, and our service all at once. It’s the standard method for digital transaction accepted globally. A PayPal Button is recognized as the “Safe, Normal, Natural Way” to pay for orders online from anyone anywhere.


  1. SECURITY: A PayPal Button shows our customers our honesty. Fast instinctive buying (and giving) happens naturally when the time comes to “BUY IT NOW!” We're giving people the OK to feel comfortable and excited about their purchases. (versus anxious and worried.)


  1. INTEGRITY: Everyone knows PayPal is built on trust between both buyer and seller. We can insure our customer 100% guarantees. PayPal gives us the personal control to provide instant returns at a moments notice when necessary.


PAYPAL TIP-JAR is a valuable lesson sharing a simple overlooked secret to earn money from our honest efforts both past and present.



This gives customers several options for both Buying and Tipping too!


paypal tip jar image 5.jpg

From start to finish you'll be able to custom tailor a PayPal TIP JAR Button

and post it to your blog or wordpress page in under 7 minutes. 


Your custom PayPal Tip Jar Button will continue rewarding you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


You'll always have open opportunities to make money from your work in thanks to taking a few extra minutes of added effort.


It’s an energizing feeling when your smartphone is pinged by the PayPal App relaying that you "got paid" for a sale or "Tipped" again just for sharing good advice that you wrote the day before.



This lesson needed to be created and shared because it’s so powerful yet totally overlooked by just about every blogger, reviewer, and marketeer I see out there.


I believe that giving Simple "Soloprenure Awareness" is truly appreciated by internet colleagues inside this vastly complicated web world.


This “One Problem, One Solution” product offer provides a zero guessing games approach to selling.  I guarantee “Less Is More” is something your client list will truly appreciate you broadcasting email's to them for. 


(The best thing to do with good advice is pass it on… It always sells itself)


I wish to thank everyone ahead of time with total gratitude and grace for HELPING US SUCCEED! I feel grateful to be integrated together here with you, intelligently on JVZoo.

"PAYPAL Tip-Jar"




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