Amazon Text Links: A Wordpress Plugin That Automatically Adds Amazon Affiliate Text Links To Any Words or Phrases That You "Tag"

Version 1.1 now available! Create no follow links and choose which Amazon site to link to!

It has been proven that Amazon affiliates using text links maintain very good conversion rates. However, it can be time consuming to add text links to the posts and pages in your Wordpress site.

Introducing, Amazon Text Links. A simple to use Wordpress plugin that will automatically add text links to your Wordpress Blog or website and automatically include your affiliate ID!

Simple installation

  • Setup as many tags as you wish.
  • Set the exact number of text links that appear on each page or post.
  • Drag and drop your tags into the order of importance.
  • Simple checkbox allows you to exclude any post or page from having text links created on them.
  • Simple stats reporting shows how many times each tag has been clicked.
  • More features to come in future versions.

How it works

  • Install the plugin
  • Enter your Amazon affiliate ID
  • Enter your tags (eg Ipod Touch, Digital camera)
  • Set the maximum number of links per page
  • Start earning commissions!

This plugin will save you time by allowing you to quickly and easily add Amazon affiliate links into your blogs and websites and I am offering it for a limited time for the low price of $4.99! 

Hurry, there are a limited number of copies at this price. Soon the price will be going up so order your Amazon Text Links Wordpress Plugin now!


Reviews of Amazon Text Links

"Very handy to monetize your blog with content relevant to some Amazon products. The plugin will scan your content and find any matched keywords you input before on the plugin setup, voila... the text will have link to Amazon search."

"I found that the Amazon Text Links simplified the process of adding text links to my sites. This product was exceptionally quick to download, fast to implement and added flexibility to setting up links on my sites. It really does simplify the process to monetize in a new way."






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