"Build The Viral Power Of The World's Largest Social Network And Generate Massive Amounts Of Highly-Targeted FREE Traffic, So You Could Build Huge Optin Lists and Make Some Easy CPA Money!"


Yes, you already know that Facebook is all the rage right now. Facebook already surpassed Google just slightly in terms of traffic.

And that's HUGE.

But maybe it's not a surprise, since Facebook now has over 600 million active users.

If you're a marketer, those numbers probably have you drooling right now.

Just think - 600 million users all gathered in one place.

And best of all, they tend to be organized according to their interests (i.e., by niche).


With The NEW Hyper ViraL Pages Software You Can Easily Tap Into This Pool Of Prospects!


Here's how the system works...

1) You create a Facebook™ fanpage and give away free stuff to those who become a fan.

They need to click "Like" to get access to the freebies.

Your page for non-fans will look something like this:

2) They become a fan and enter your Hyper Viral Pages sequence.

Firstly, when they click "Like" it will appear on their wall as a "Recent Activity" and all of their friends will see it.

If one of THEIR friends click on the link and also become a fan of your page then all of THEIR friends will also see it. And it goes on and on and on... (nothing special so far)

Now comes the magic!

When they click "Like" they will be redirected to another page that's usually the "Thank You" page where you deliver the promised freebies.

Now with Hyper Viral Pages, first they will see a page where they can automatically share YOUR PAGE with their friends. Something like this:


This is LOT MORE POWERFUL because...

...if they ONLY "Like" your page it will appear on their wall like this:


But if they SHARE IT it will appear like this:

It's LOT MORE POWERFUL with picture and description, agree?

3) They will go to the next page of your Hyper Viral Pages sequence.

When they shared your page and clicked "Next" they will see another page where they can send an email to THEIR friends' Facebook email address and invite them to YOUR PAGE!

This page will look something like this:


On this page, basically, they can directly contact their Facebook friends and invite to be YOUR FAN!

4) Now they enter the final page of your Hyper Viral Pages sequence.

This page is where you deliver the promised freebie to them. You can use this page to deliver your authority building or pre-selling or viral content, build a list (you can add an opt-in form or registration link to this page), or just give them your link for your preferred CPA offer and make some easy money.

This page will look something like this:


Now, as you can see this is a VERY POWERFUL SYSTEM that has the potential to generate amazing amounts of free viral traffic and profits for you!


-----o0o----- -----o0o-----  -----o0o-----

Here's What The Amazing NEW
Hyper ViraL Pages Software Can Do For You...

Generates super-powerful, hyper viral fanpages in just 10 minutes each!

Generates massive amounts of highly-targeted FREE traffic for your pages!

Builds huge, super-valuable optin lists!

Generates nice and easy CPA commissions for life!

Increases the overall profits of your online business!

You can use it on unlimited number of your own sites.

Full Compatible with Facebook's iframe technology!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this work on MAC or Linux OS?

Answer: Yes. It's an online software that you can access through your browser from any computer that has Internet access.

Question: Is this white hat?

Answer: Yes, it's totally white hat. We're only utilizing Facebook's own traffic-getting tools (compiled into a powerful system) so there is nothing blackhat or even grey (or any color :) hat techniques in this.

Question: How does your software compare to likebuzz?

Answer: Hyper Viral Pages was created for the new iframe technology and uses the most up-to-date tools and it's very easy to set up. LikeBuzz was created for the old Facebook platform and not so easy to set up.

Question: Can this be added to an existing fanpage?

Answer: Yes, of course. It can be added to an existing page.

Save Over $485

It costs upwards of $500 for a company to create a custom Facebook fanpage for you.. And even that doesn't have these powerful viral features.

You're going to be able to generate your own hyper viral fanpages yourself with this simple software at a fraction of the cost. Just $15.

All the fanpage creator company would do is create a simple fanpage with the like/reveal function (that's just step #1 in our sequence)... why not save $485 and join my acclaimed software system?

Place your order now even if it's 2AM in the morning. Make your purchase online via our secure server and after your purchase is validated, you will be automatically redirected to the private Member's page where you can access your online software right away.

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Membership In Hyper Viral Pages
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We have a limited number of resources and as such we have to strictly limit this program.

Don't delay as this software has been hugely successful thus far and we may have to take it down at anytime.

So act now, or regret later. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start enjoying the free traffic and profits that come with having unlimited number of viral fanpages!

If you have any doubts at all, don't worry...

"Your Unconditional, NO-RISK,
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This amazing software really works. And I stand behind it 100%.

If you aren't absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I'll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

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There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.

Either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free.

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You will be able to keep 100% of all your sales.  Just to recap this package here is what it includes...

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"Hyper Viral Pages Software"

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