"Discover How You Can Easily Rotate
Selected Pages On The Home Page
Of Your Blog..."

And Trick Mighty Google And Other Search Engines, Making Them Believe That You Have New Content Every Time They Visit Your Site...

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Wordpress plugins are all the rage these days and there is alot of money to be made selling plugins that solve simple problems in your market. One of the biggest questions I get from newbie marketers is "how can I rotate selected pages on my home page??"

Now after having to teach countless marketers how do it, I decided to create a push button system that solves this problem once and for all:


WP Page Rotator WordPress Plugin
with Master Resale Rights

Here are are just some of the
awesome features of this plugin:

  • Search Engines think you're constantly making changes to your site as the chances are that each time they visit the home page they find different content there.
  • You can use it to promote different products or content (of your own or of third parties as an affiliate) in rotation or at random.
  • You can use it to split test content when used in conjunction with click tracking software.
  • You can use a WordPress driven site as a niche directory site and use it to promote local businesses in your area for a fee.

This Plugin Is Very Easy To Install And Use,
Even If You're A Newbie!

Just Take A Look Below:

  1. 1. Install the plugin on your blog the same way you do with any other plugin - just upload it to your site using either the built-in WordPress upload feature or an FTP software and activate it;

  2. 2. Start using the plugin:


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