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RE: Releasing Your Inner Writer

Dear Book Author:

Time was, getting published was a long and harrowing process that left many authors frustrated, broke, and unpublished. Hundreds of query letters to agents, sample chapters lovingly packaged and shipped off only to be returned unread, calls unreturned.

You can see why so many authors simply gave up their dream of ever being published.

Today, though, all that has changed. Self-publishing - once the red-headed step sister of "real" publishing - has become a viable and even accepted way to get your book in print (or digital form, as we'll see). Self-published authors in all genres are making great livings from their books - and all without the hassle of dealing with traditional publishing houses.

If you've ever considered writing a book but thought it was just too much trouble trying to get it into print, you'll definitely want to explore this option!

Where Traditional Publishing Fails

When you think of being a published author, you probably picture stacks of your books in the window at your local Barnes and Noble, or you, standing in front of an adoring crowd, happily signing copies for your fans. You imagine your editor anxiously awaiting your next masterpiece while you field phone calls from the media and cash yet another huge advance check.

It's not likely that you picture stacks of your book on the "remainders" table with a 50% off sticker on the cover. Or a royalty check that barely covers lunch. Or cancelled contracts for "lack of sales."

But that's often the reality of traditional publishing.

The truth is, there just isn't enough profit margin in traditional publishing to make it a viable option for any but the elite few authors whose names carry enough weight. Stephen King, JK Rowling, and a handful of others might be able to get a publisher to sit up and take notice, but the chance that you can are slim.

That's why so many authors are turning to self publishing. Of course, that's not to say that everything is rosy on that side, either.

The Hidden Dangers of Self-Publishing

While it's true that self-publishing is easier than ever before, it's still not without headaches. Ask any self published author and he or she will likely give you a long list of what can (and will) go wrong along the way. Things like:

  • Hidden fees that threaten to leave you bankrupt before you even see the proof pages.
  • Poor quality production that practically screams "low budget."
  • Massive print runs that leave you with boxes of unsold books cluttering your basement and garage.
  • Shady "publishers" who promise the world - and deliver next to nothing.
  • Weeks or even months of wasted time while you search for just the right platform.
  • And the list goes on...

But if that were all there was to self-publishing, no one would be doing it. The truth is, thousands of people choose to self-publish their books each and every year, so it's clear that this is a viable, sustainable way to get your voice heard.

You Have Complete Control

So what makes self-publishing such a great option? Simply put - choices.

Where traditional publishers dictate the terms of your contract including royalties, promotions, even the format of the book, when you self publish, you get to make the decisions. You choose:

  • Your format - because no one knows your readers like you do, so you can choose the best style for them.
  • Your price - you know what your market will bear, so you can set your own price
  • Your royalty - traditional publishing pays on average 8% of wholesale. Who can live on that? When you self publish, this choice is yours.
  • Your cover - ever seen a traditionally published book and wondered what the author was thinking when she approved the cover? She wasn't. She never saw the cover - that's another choice traditional publishers take away from you.
  • Your promotion - want to do a book tour? Better get your editor's approval first (and don't think for a minute they'll give it to you).

All of these decisions are yours to make when you self-publish your book. No one will force you into a mold that doesn't fit, or fail to take into account your personal needs or those of your market. That's the beauty of self-publishing your book.

Of course, that also means that self-publishing is a bit more work. But don't worry, we'll show you exactly how you can make publishing easy (and maybe even fun) in "Self-Publishing a Book the Easy Way."

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All Your Self-Publishing Questions Answered

Whether you've considered self-publishing and put it on the "later" list because you didn't feel up to the learning curve, or you just figured publishing a book was something other people did (but not you), then you'll be glad to know that this new report takes all of the mystery out of publishing your first book.

It doesn't matter if you write fiction, graphic novels, self-help books, or how-to manuals, in this report I'll walk you through the process from start to finish, so there won't be any nagging questions to stall your progress. You'll learn...

  • 6 types of self-published books you can create - including two you probably never considered.
  • Two reasons people choose to self publish - and how each effects the choices you make throughout the process.
  • The number one thing a successful book - whether self-published or traditional - must have - if you're missing this, your book might sell, but it will never be a huge success.
  • The 6-step plan you must have in place if you want your publishing adventure to be successful.
  • The qualities that can make a book stand out from the crowd - and how to know if your book has that potential.
  • How much to budget for proof copies if you decide to go print - you don't want to skimp here and accidentally publish a book that's less than perfect.
  • 8 promotional methods you must use - because without promotion, your book will simply sit on the virtual shelves.

Plus, it even covers platform-specific issues like...

  • That troublesome Kindle conversion process - and three solutions you can use based on your budget and tolerance for frustration.
  • CreateSpace's unique tool to help you visualize what the final book will look like - without spending a dime on a proof copy.
  • The tricky tax issue that might bite you if you live outside the US - and what to do about it.
  • How to identify hidden costs - before they can break your publishing budget.
  • An 18-point checklist to help you put the pieces in place to sell an information product on your own.

And if you're having trouble choosing a platform, you'll be glad to know that I've included...

  • A Kunaki/Vervante/TrepStar comparison table that lays it all out for you - including the quality, price, and service level of each.
  • The number one way to tell if Kindle is a good choice for you - skip this step and your Kindle sales could tank!
  • My super-simple three-step process for quickly deciding if a platform is a good fit - no matter what your format or audience.
  • The pros and cons of each service - so you can make an informed decision without spending weeks on research.

As you can see, this easy-to-read book covers everything you need to know about self-publishing, regardless of the type of content you're creating, or the platform you use to distribute your book. You'll be able to go from dreamer to published author in no time - without wasting your precious time or energy along the way.




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