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Hi, Lubowa,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your new Kindle product. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, and I particularly like the promotion tips on page 63 that helps to get Kindle books ranked higher. Both bonuses gave me tons of valuable insider information, and I highly recommend this book to anyone considering starting a Kindle publishing business, or taking their existing Kindle publishing business through the roof!


Eva Browne-Paterson
Welcome to Whitsunday Mobile Marketing




Dear Friend,
I wish I could hype Up this Letter a little bit. But with all due respect to you, I will Keep it honest.


Here Is The Situation after the Google Panda Update :


They have said internet marketing is dying. And that one by one, internet marketers are packing their bags. they have called it the internet marketing Armageddon.

As we speak now, the future looks vague for the average internet marketer.

Adsense earnings are going down with every rise of the sun and Clickbank commission are dwindling by the day. Google is after every website you create, analyzing it to the details before it can include it in its search results. And if it does, it will hide it in obscurity for a couple of months before you can make any money from it.


Come On. You need Money NOW.


And I am here to tell you that as you slave for hours on your PC going after adsense, Clickbank commissions, CPA, PPC, article marketing and all that stuff that will take you months to see any results,there are a handful of people who are making thousands of dollars every month from other sources that are Google proof. They are secure from any Google update, and the earning potentials are even bigger than what you are chasing after. I call them Shields and over a period of many months, I have built up many of those shields which I call The Internet Marketing Armageddon Shields. That name is because, no matter what happens in the internet marketing niche, my income will remain shielded from that Armageddon.


On this page, I would like to take you Inside one of the shields in which I am Killing it without Any Need for that Marketing Bull-****.

What if I told you that it is not only possible, but dead simple easy to build a Kindle Publishing Empire that Sells Books and can Make You TENS OF THOUSANDS per month in passive income?

Sales Like these…………..

Those are unit sales for just two of my book titles on Kindle.


What if I told you that each title can take you just a few hours to prepare (and You can outsource the grunt work to someone else), and Just a few more minutes to Rank on the First page results of Amazon Kindle Storeand start Dumping cash in your bank account?




I know you may have bought a dozen other books about Kindle Publishing. Have you noticed how they just leave you confused not knowing what to do next? It is like they just scratch On the surface. They do not want to let you in on the real scoop. And I know they will be angered by this letter and try to pull it down. I call them the MOB (Marketers Out For Blood)


Well, I am a researcher by profession. In our field, if you have one parameter contributing to an outcome, it is recommended that you do statistical tests to identify and prove beyond any doubt which are the most significant factors contributing to an effect.

For months, my team and I have been testing and re-testing the different parameters that will significantly contribute to the success of any Kindle publishing business.





We found out that many of the peddled techniques for making a killing are just hype. They do not work. For Example:
  • Do you know that 99% of all the the books you have read tell you to do market research the wrong way?
  • Do you know that 87% of the other books recommend the wrong niches for you to target?
  • Do you know that 99% of the books teach you the wrong strategies for ranking on page one of Amazon results? (If you are not on page one. you are not making sales)
  • Do you know that almost 100% of the books do not tell you the fastest and best ways to publish books at the speed of light?
  • Plus alot more.

We identified what to eliminate and what to add, the interrelation between the different factors, such that if you do it our way, You cant help but Make a Killing with Kindle Publishing.



All the strategies and techniques are in this 74 page guide.


I am Going To Reveal To You My Secret, Tested and Proven Formula For Making A Killing With Kindle Publishing. Guaranteed.


I even reveal to you the Manageable profitable niches if you are just starting out, and THE MOST PROFITABLE niches if you are established. Never released before information.




  • The Pilot: Introduction and the deployment strategy in brief.
  • Episode 1 : What people actually buy?

   -Niches to invade straight away
   -Market research. Getting down to the real earners… (Totally Different from what others teach)

  • Episode 2 : Product creation at lightning speed.

  -How to do it yourself very fast
  -Outsource (Elance Vs Odesk). Which?

  • Episode 3: Kindle top seller book Secrets

——> Attributes of an Authority book on Kindle <——

  • EPISODE 4: How to make sure your book Ranks on the first page of Amazon search results (10 minutes work)
  • -Psychological pricing – How it affects your book sales
  • Episode 5: The Keys to Massive Sales.

   -How To Quickly Gain b seller status and claim top spot indefinitely.

  • Episode 6: Lethal Weapon For Climbing To First Page of Amazon Results For Your Target Niche (5 Minutes Work)
  • Episode 7: Building a shield (Kindle Empire) that will last (FOR YOUR EYES ONLY)
  • Episode 8: Scaling UP your Kindle Business to $30k Per Month

And A lot More.

Kindle Invasion






For the information contained in this bonus alone,other People would charge what I am charging for this whole package.
  • Discover THE MOST PROFITABLE NICHES, you should be in. Forget What others are telling you. This is where the real money Is.
  • Discover the Techniques I use to have quality books written for those niches with no worry of copyrights, plagiarism and the likes. You have never read this info anywhere.




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All the best,


(The researcher)

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