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28 Day Total Body Turnaround

If You're Finished for Good With all the Weight Loss Fads, Pills and "Quick Fix Diets" That Have Failed You in the Past and You're Ready to Doit the Right Way, THEN THIS IS IT! This is the Honest and Effective Fat Loss Solution You've Been Searching For- 28 Day Total Body Turnaround.

Retail Price: $67.00

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Ultimate Woman's Weight Loss

After all of the success that I’ve had in fitness, what I am most proud of is helping to change the lives of other women. I am so confident that ULTIMATE WOMANS WEIGHT LOSS will help you lose weight!

Retail Price: $47.00

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Hell On Abs Formula

Hell On Abs could only have been created through more than 10 years of dedicated research and training. A simple and easy method to follow that would not place too much of a burden on your daily life. This program is geared towards a 30 day period, the golden information in the program can set you up for life.

Retail Price: $29.97

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Eat More, Not Less To Lose Weight!

This powerful guide will provide you with everything you need to know about eating the right food and see yourself getting towards your ideal weight . It will walk you, step by step, through the exact process we developed to help people get all the info they need to be successful.

Retail Price: $27.00

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Impact Fitness

The Program challenges your body, creating the stress needed to burn calories and burn fat. We provide you with a detailed explanation of the Program, as well as a Journal to track your progress every day.

Retail Price: $37.00

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Your Health Get To The Point

Unlock The Secrets To Learn How To Be Healthy, Strong And Vibrant For A Lifetime!Get the secrets from an expert with 20 years experience in the field of health and wellness, as a chiropractor, nutrition expert, and fitness trainer.

Retail Price: $29.95

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You'll notice the physical benefits first, you'll stand taller, feel stronger and sexier, your clothes will fit better! Taking time out for yourself is not selfish. Taking time to recharge and tune into yourself makes you better at all your roles in life.

Retail Price: $47.00 / 6 months

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Lose Weight Quick

Lose Weight Quick is a weight loss membership site, your home of all weight loss resources, providing you with access to tap into the experiences of top notch professionals in the weight loss industry whose experience and knowledge have helped many, not only achieve their weight loss dreams but maintain it as well.

Retail Price: $37.95

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Ultimate Health and Fitness Package

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