Are you an Emotional Over-eater? 

Do you ever find yourself standing in front of the refrigerator and not even remember how you got there?

Could you be eating and gaining weight due to emotional reason, rather than due to real hunger?


Breath, Awareness, Meditation to Heal Emotions That Make You Fat!

Usually, when someone goes on diet after diet and still fails to lose weight and keep it off, they are addicted to food.  They are an emotional eater.  Is that you? 


Heal Emotions That Make You Fat


Deep Healing and Transformation with Breath

This is a book about healing and transformation.  Healing the root causes of food addiction and even substance abuse requires healing yourself on the deepest levels.  

Using ancient breathing techniques and awareness practices taught by the Buddha, this book helps you to gain control over food addiction and other compulsive behaviors.

As you know, from experience, just deciding to change your behavior isn't enough.  You have to change YOU!  Working with the breathing practices outlined in this book, you can alter your brain and nervous system to where you begin to have more choices available to you. 

To treat food addiction or any addictive or compulsive behavior,  you need to change the operating system, and that's easier said than done.  Yogic Breathing techniques can help you to bypass the troubled mind, wherein the roots of the pain that causes the addictive behavior lie.
Just utilizing the awareness practices revealed in this book will help you begin to have greater control over your emotional eating or substance abuse as well as have profound healing affects in your body and nervous system.






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