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Products from Moobots
Moobots Twitter Mass Retweeter - Import a list of your own twitter accounts to mass retweet any tweet you want! Proxies, and HMA VPN both support for switching in between accounts.
Moobots Twitter Message Sender - Need to send a ton of messages on twitter, but don't want to write them all by hand? Using this software, you can import a list of users you wish to message on twitter and mass message them using a wait time to appear like a human, bypassing twitters spam
Moobots Twitter Tweeter - This tool will let you post tweets 24/7 using your own custom spinnable list, along with your own desired wait time!
Moobots Mass Pinterest Liker - Need pinterest likes? Using this software, you are able to load a list of your own accounts and proxies/VPN to send likes to any account of your choosing!
Moobots Mass Pinterest Follower - Need pinterest follows? Using this software, you are able to load a list of your own accounts and proxies/VPN to send follows to any account of your choosing!
Moobots Pinterest Mass Commenter - This software will allow you to use your own pinterest accounts to send comments to a pin of your choosing. Proxys and HMA VPN are supported!
Moobots Outlook Mailer - This bot will mass email using web browser based tactics within your outlook account!
Moobots Snogger - This will automate all your needs on! Linkify - This will take one link of yours, and turn it into thousands of unique urls provided by!
Moobots LiveMixTapes - This bot will automatically mass rate up or down, comment, and includes a semi-automatic account creator!
Moobots Streamzoo - Follow, like, and comment 24/7 on streamzoo using this moobot!
Moobots Bot - Automate with ask me a question, answer questions, and mass liker!
Moobots Pinterest Account Creator - Automatically create mass pinterest account with a click of a button!
Moobots Pinterest Tool -
pinterestboardcreator - Will automatically create custom pinterest boards across multiple accounts! Proxy bind to individual accounts also available!
Moobots Youtube Self Commenter - Mass automate commenting your own videos! HMA supported for automatic IP switching!