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Products from Juthawong Naisanguansee
Ampare Wake on Lan - Turn on Your PC/Server with Wake on Lan Bios-Support From Any PC is Same Local Area Network.
Ampare DNS Switcher - Switch DNS Between Your Favorite Public and Private DNS with Ease
Ampare Image Stuffing - Simple Software To Stuff Text inside Image with Ease
Ampare File Date Changer - Simple Software To Change File Creation Date , Last Accessed Date , Last Modified Date
Ampare Exe Editor - Simple Windows Application That Edit Exe and DLL File - Can change Icon , App name and other information in click - No Coding Experience Required.
Ampare Music Tag - Simply Edit Metadata and Tag on Any Music and Audio File
Ampare HTTP Trace Route 64 Bit Edition - Trace HTTP Route and Display Its Information For Software Debugging Only For Windows 64 Bit
Ampare Combine Images To PDF - Simple Windows Software That Combine Multiple Images To PDF
Ampare Icon To Image - Lightweight Portable Windows Application That Convert Mass Icon To PNG Image
Ampare Image To Ico - Convert Mass Image To Ico File in Just Clicks
Ampare PDF To Image - Convert PDF To Image in Just A Single Click
Ampare App Blocker - Windows Software To Block Any Application From Connected To Internet For Block Adware , Bypass Auto Update and more
Ampare Port Blocker - Simple Windows Software To Block Any Specified Port , Both Inbound or Outbound For Windows PC and Server Security
Ampare Wordpress Dynamic Watermark - Ampare Wordpress Dynamic Watermark is a simple way to watermark your image and video and also intimidate user from screen capture your video and published online because they will have their name and information on screen that you can easily track them do
Ampare WP Post Author Changer - Mass Move and Change Wordpress Post Author From One To Another in Single Click
Ampare WP Mass User Mail Sender - A Simple Wordpress Plugin To Send Newsletter Email To Mass User
Ampare WP Outbound Interestial - A Simple Wordpress Plugin To Show Interistial Page When Outbound Link is Click To Reduce Bounce Rate , More Sales , Advertising and more.
Ampare Camera Guard - Ampare Camera Guard is a Windows Software that protect your privacy online by prevent your camera from being access by spyware and hacker, The software work like a lock key . You can lock your camera and/or microphone and/or unlock it every time you would
Ampare MPEG-Dash Creator - Ampare MPEG-Dash Creator is a Simple Windows Tool That Create MPD File That use as a HTML5 EME DRM To Protect Video and Music From Download. On Firefox , Chrome and more.
Ampare Clipboards Text - Ampare Clipboards Text is a software that automatically save your clipboard text to program so that later you can reuse these clipboards whether you accidentally replace it with new one etc. It also comes with many option and it very useful in every day
Ampare Dummy File Creator - Ampare Dummy File Creator is a software that create exact dummy file size with many advantage such as passing the writing cd minimum file size , upload minimum , testing application and more
Ampare Widget Run Shortcode - Make Your Wordpress able to run shortcode on wordpress widget such as header , footer , right column , left column and more
Ampare File Checker - Check Your File in Hash that the same as origin file. Prevent Error and Data Loss in Future
Ampare Windows Shortcut Key Disable - Ampare Windows Shortcut Key Disable is Simple Harmless App That Prevent You From Accidentally Press Windows Shortcut Key and Out of Your Game.
Ampare Video Compressor - A Simple Lightweight Windows Application That Convert , Transcode and Compress Your Select Video FIle