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Products from Juthawong Naisanguansee
Ampare Video Compressor - A Simple Lightweight Windows Application That Convert , Transcode and Compress Your Select Video FIle
Ampare Universal Media Converter - Ampare Universal is a Simple Music and Video Converter That Support A Large Amount of Format and Extension with Muxer Technology. It can convert single, multiple or bulk at the same time
Protect HTML5 Video and Music Download with Defa Protector Canvas 8.0 - Protect HTML5 Video and Music From Download with one of the world best protect video technology by Ampare Engine . No Browser Plugin Required . Work out of the box.
Ampare Camera Guard - Ampare Camera Guard is a Windows Software that protect your privacy online by prevent your camera from being access by spyware and hacker, The software work like a lock key . You can lock your camera and/or microphone and/or unlock it every time you would
Ampare Windows Set Time Shutdown - Set TIme Shutdown , Restart and Logoff on Windows Operating System fast and lightweight
Ampare Hash File - Check Your File that it is the same as origin or not to prevent big error and data loss of fault file action
Ampare File Checker - Check Your File in Hash that the same as origin file. Prevent Error and Data Loss in Future
Ampare Widget Run Shortcode - Make Your Wordpress able to run shortcode on wordpress widget such as header , footer , right column , left column and more
Ampare WP Raw HTML - Ampare WP Raw HTML Allow Your HTML Code To Work Properly by stop wordpress from manipulate your code.
Ampare WP Replace - Easily Replace/Remove Any Specific WP Page , Post , Category and/or anywhere on wordpress site.
Ampare Browser Generator - Create Your Own Web Browser - No Programming Required
Ampare Web Speed Measurement - Measure Which Web is Fastest From Your Current Network
Ampare Windows Typewriter Keyboard Sound - Making your typing fun without need to buy expensive keyboard with Ampare Windows Typewriter Keyboard Sound will convert every key stroke to sound like Typewriter or Mechanical Keyboard Sound for fun. Enjoy your typing
Ampare Windows Host GUI Control - Ampare Windows Host Control is a lightweight software that allow you to control windows host file with ease . Just type and click. You can block web , web redirecting and many useful function through our software control panel
Ampare Dummy File Creator - Ampare Dummy File Creator is a software that create exact dummy file size with many advantage such as passing the writing cd minimum file size , upload minimum , testing application and more
Ampare Download Tester - Ampare Download Tester is a small size and lightweight php application let client test download speed from web hosting
Ampare Mass Email Sender - Ampare Mass Email Sender is a email client software to send a mass email send to thousands or million of email address. Great for internet marketing
Ampare Any OS Multiplayer Typing Game - Ampare Any OS Multiplayer Typing Game is a game that allow you to compete with your friend and family who type faster. It auto generated random word for you to type against each other. It was very lightweight and can run on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Ampare WP Migrate - Ampare WP Move is a simple and lightweight Windows Software that auto generate php script that can move your wordpress site from old url to new url with ease in clicks and browse. No Programming Language skilled require
Ampare Mass File Extensions Renamer - If you have a lot of wrong extension or no extension file such as Downloading Backup File From Internet which has no extension , You can use this software . With a few clicks , You can rename all files extensions at once. Unlimited times . Save you a cup
Ampare WP Redirect - Ampare WP Redirect is the most flexible and most english way to create a redirection to other page , website or url. It also able to be use as a plugin framework for easier handle redirection in your development plugin
Ampare Link Cloaker - Ampare Link Cloaker is great wordpress plugin tools to cloak your cpa , affilate link on social network and search engine example it allow you to post facebook banned link on facebook. Also , It well written and design and It mostly undetectable by most c
Ampare PDF Speech Reader - Ampare PDF Speech Reader is software that read normal pdf and ebooks speech out loud . Easy to use - No hassle and No Audio books membership required.
Ampare Wordpress Dynamic Watermark - Ampare Wordpress Dynamic Watermark is a simple way to watermark your image and video and also intimidate user from screen capture your video and published online because they will have their name and information on screen that you can easily track them do
Ampare Any OS Set Time Open File - Ampare Any OS Set Time Open File making your life a lot easier and more fun than waiting in front of your monitor waiting for something to finish and launch something or even save your time for cups of coffee in the morning