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Hi there....

My name's Glen Hooke

I've been in the internet market business for 12 years.

My company NuMedia Publishing has been developing unique software products for the internet marketing community.

I just want to have a short talk about YOUR business and where you see it heading in the future

You see, I understand where you are right now with your affiliate business.

Right now, you have a customer list that you’ve most likely spent years building up.

You’ve nurtured that list and you’ve built a solid reputation with each person on that list over the years.

The only problem is that it’s hard as hell (and get harder all the time) for you to find products that are actually worth promoting.

But at the same time, YOU, as an affiliate, still have to make money to put food on the table, clothes on your back, and provide shelter for your family. And the only way you can do that is by bringing in money promoting products to your list.

You know only too well that affiliate marketing is getting tougher by the day.

There’s more competition than ever before, and the number of competitors you have is growing at an incredible rate every day.

Add to that the fact there are so many internet marketing products being released on the market every day, that it’s impossible to tell up front what is a quality product and what is just a load of re-hashed ‘c_ap’.

Combine these, and it adds up to a  time-bomb than can easily blow up in your face, and ruin your business.

When you partner with me ....

  • You’ll get back to selling quality software products to other internet marketers.

  • You’ll start to repair or maintain your credibility and relationship with your list.

  • You’ll have the respect again in the eyes of your prospects.

  •  You’ll start building a solid foundation for long term success.

  •  You’ll STOP messing around with downright crappy courses and latest quick hit tactics of the week that totally pisses the vast majority of marketers off.

I mean it’s really a shame that every day of the week there's some new course that comes out in the IM niche.

What really stinks is that most of these worthless products are, for the most part, nothing but rehashed products with very little new information, which leads to refunds, meaning YOU don’t get paid. 

But unlike junk courses with high refund rates, by partnering with me to promote high quality software products that the subscribers on your list actually want, you’ll have a better all around deal.

Here’s what I mean:

  •  Software products are priced higher, so your commissions are higher.

  • Software products have a much higher perceived value than any written course.

  •  'QUALITY' Software products are evergreen products…… Not like the ‘flavor of the month’ products that are only popular for a short time.

  • The refund rate for software products is almost non-existent, or at worst case scenario, extremely low, unlike those typical IM or Clickbank courses where refund rates can easily be into mid double figures.

  •  Competition is low  - There will only ever be a handful of affiliates that will get the opportunity to market my products.  That means making sales will be so much easier for the lucky affiliates that get accepted to come on board. (unlike the ‘next big thing’ product where there are literally hundreds of affiliates all scrambling and fighting trying to grab a few measly bucks from a product launch)

Here’s what I need you to do RIGHT NOW

I want you seriously consider everything that I’ve said.

Think about the long term benefits you’ll get from marketing only quality products.

Think about the fact that I’ll be right there by your side giving you all the help and resources you need to successfully market my products.

Think about all of the long term profit you’ll make (with very little effort) and the excitement those on your list will have every single time they get an email from you.

Not only will they be grateful that you actually have something of real value to offer them, but you and I will make some serious money simply by partnering and combining our resources.

I know you want to be proud of the products you offer to your valuable subscribers and customers. And I can help you make that happen – starting right now....

You can contact me here on JVZoo to become an affiliate, and I can access your application.

To Your Success


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