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Start Your Novel with Scrivener, A Beginner's Guide with Vanessa Kier
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A special webinar training for fiction writers by Scrivener expert, Vanessa Kier, to help you get writing with the software tool, Scrivener.
  • How to get writing with Scrivener right away
  • How to set up your scenes, character profiles, research, etc. in a way that works for your writing process
  • How to make Scrivener meet your visual needs
  • How to set up word count tracking so you can be inspired/motivated by your daily progress
  • I was terrified, but my curiosity about writing with Scrivener won out. I'm so glad I chose Vanessa, who makes Scrivener as easy as painting by numbers
    Kathleen Casey
  • Vanessa teaches her Scrivener course in a clear, understandable and insightful way.
    Kirstine Call
  • I was stuck and couldn't figure out how to use Scrivener. Vanessa is a fantastic teacher! She explained everything slowly and patiently.
    Ducktor Morty
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