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Get your own Software Robot that can obtain business leads and sell your products or services Fast!
Amount $2,280.00
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Get the Software Robot that can obtain business leads, sell your products or services and serve to millions in their Native Languages without your efforts! The big amount usage data collected by your robot will greatly help you to improve your products
  • Your customized multilingual robot can automatically take your chatbot user’s contact info if you want your robot to do so. Some of these biz leads are your future customers;
  • The big amount of user data collected by your robot will greatly help you to improve your products or service that will attract more users in the world; Your data will be as secure as your apps on any major cloud in the world. Without your own robot, it will cost you lots of money to collect these data.
  • The user of your robot can schedule instantly a meeting appointment with you based on your available time slots at your own robot on your mobile web app if you want this feature on your robot.
  • Many conveniences brought to your existing customers by your 24/7 multilingual robot will help your products / services keep them; Your existing happy customers will bring you new customers!
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Total $2,280.00
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