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AISocials Bundle
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AISocials Bundle Access
  • Includes All Versions and Upgrades to AISocials
  • Includes All Bonuses and Trainings to AISocials
  • Includes All Features to AISocials
  • Hey, I did it! I just secured a $12,000 a month client using AISocials (annual contract for 1k per month ). I’ve been struggling traction in my agency business as it’s time consuming to grow from the ground up. After demoing AISocials content examples and agreeing to a posting scheduling, the client immediately agreed and even said he’d refer others.
  • To say AISocials has been a game changer for our pet goods business is an understatement. We know most of our buyers are on social media, but it’s time-consuming to create videos and content for each platform to drive consistent leads like bigger brands are. This amazing tool has helped us more than quadruple our traffic, content, and sales which should continue to snowball from here.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to get access to a product than this one in a very long time. After testing, AISocials really is like having 3-4 extra staff working for you around the clock. The AI content creation features are perfect for each platform we use, and the smart scheduling is a game changer, especially in the agency space. We were able to take on two more $2k / monthly clients just this week because of this.
    ANA M.
  • $127.00
    Upgrade your bundle deal to MEGA bundle and get the following add-ons in addition to all the features the regular bundle comes with including:

    VIP Live Training Calls with Ben on Building a Social Agency 

    Local Agency Training Course from Us

    PodReel Early Access - Get Access to Our Next Launch for Free

    Secret AI Agency Facebook Group Access 

    ✅ Unlimited Agency Accounts for AISocials

    ✅ ClickagencyAI Agency Access

    Due to the time-consuming nature of live training, this is only available for the first 50 buyers of AISocial Bundle Deal.

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