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This training will teach you the fastest and most effective methods for driving targeted web traffic to any web page on the internet.
  • Stream directly online or watch the videos later so you can always learn at your own pace.
  • Four detailed video lessons with corresponding worksheets & a glossary so you will absorb and retain the information.
  • 100% proven and actionable content explained in simple terms that are perfect for beginners.
  • Each of our workshops cover a required skill to succeed online so you can build a reliable business.
  • Great for newbies" I was on a live workshop with Omar and Melinda Martin, valuable training with tons of “Mind Bombs” or “Awareness topics”, great for newbies to experts. So much to learn. Keep an eye out for their next session, you’ll be glad you did
    Rich Fedrizi
  • Awesome Live Course" Awesome Live course with Omar Martin and Melinda Martin! Best course of the year, probably!!
    Koz Mo
  • Highly Recommended" I attended a 6 hour workshop with Omar & Melinda Martin. I currently have a small list of around 1,500 people but with what Omar is teaching I'm sure I'll be able to build and better manage. This is my second workshop with them and if you ever get the chance to attend one I would highly recommend it!
    David Millett
  • $17.00
    I want to build A BIG list of loyal customers and subscribers that buy anything I recommend!
    I want to assemble huge audiences, attract buyers and learn expert commission-getting techniques!
    I want to quickly create and sell my own digital information products online!
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