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Ozivi AI Videos - First Ever “IPC-E” Based A.I Technology - Commercial
Amount $47.00
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Ozivi AI Videos - First Ever “IPC-E” Based A.I Technology to Experience The Most ADVANCED Video Technology Experiences That Get 13X More Clicks, 400% More Leads And Doubles Your Sales INSTANTLY.
  • Create Beautiful Videos Quickly Using Our Intuitive Video Builder + Create Extensive Interactive Video Funnels Like A Pro In Minutes..
  • Powered By The Same Technology Netflix Is Using For The Fastest, Smoothest & Safest Video Communication
  • Book Appointments & Deals WITH Clients Right Inside Videos!
  • Video-In-Video-In-Video-In-Video (Infinite Video Loops)
  • Ozivi Made My Lead-gen Funnels More Personal, Giving Me Quality Leads. Since getting started with Ozivi, it has made it possible for us to automate every aspect of our Lead qualification and generation process. So, with the help of Ozivi, we were able to show our prospects through our videos that explain who we are, what we offer, and how we can help their business. This saved us 30 Hours per agent per week on Cold-calling and we were able to generate 2,349 qualified Leads in 8 days without Ads.
    Vaughn Item
  • Ozivi Took My Conversions From Under 40% To 86%. Ozivi massively decreased the number of Leads that were dropping off my Funnel because we used the Ozivi video loops to hook our viewers and guide them until they made a buying decision. Before Ozivi, we never thought this was ever possible.
    Hanna Troost
  • Ozivi Gave My Customers A Face and Voice. Getting our customers to share their experiences with us via video has always been a tall order because 90% of them were ‘’Mums n pops’’ shop owners, and they lacked the equipment nor tech know-how to create videos. But with Ozivi videos now present on my Landing page, my customers are now able to record and send their Video feedback in just two clicks. My business has experienced steady growth since we implemented Ozivi in the last quarter of 2022.
    Mark M
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