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*Rewardsly 2.0 Enterprise
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Rewardsly 2.0 Enterprise
  • No Contact Loyalty Rewards Programs - auto-create loyalty programs just like Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts do to generate tons of repeat business that work offline or online.
  • eGift Card Systems - auto-create customized gift cards small businesses can sell in their store or online.
  • Cloud eCommerce Rewards Sites - auto-create eCommerce cloud stores that sell your products and auto-generate loyalty points at checkout
  • QR Code Scanning Technology - auto-generate smart QR codes that when scanned with a smart phone create cloud-based loyalty rewards memberships & auto-add points.
  • Hey guys, I showed this to a local client of mine and they started freaking out. They were harassing me all day to test this thing out and use it for themselves. Rewardsly is a differently a major game changer for agency businesses and our monthly revenue is already going to up several thousand dollars. I am really exited to see what I can do with this.
    Alen F.
  • I was tired of paying high monthly fees for other loyalty program builders that required me to do almost all of the work. I switched to Rewardsly and haven’t looked back. Our pet ecom store is seeing a huge boost.
    Larry J.
  • I was thinking about giving up trying to start a business online as it seems too competitive until I got beta access to Rewardsly. After a few weeks of playing around I demoed it for a client and finally had my first breakthrough. Just by seeing what this powerful technology can do clients will be all over it. There’s no hard selling needing with something this unique.
    Radovic J
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