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BizBudd - Commercial
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BizBudd is the First To Market, All-in-one AI Business Assistant with Generative and Conversational Tech Powered by 4 AI Models that enables to answer questions, conduct research, summarize information, or create diverse plagiarism-free content
  • 4 AI Models On One Dashboard - BizBudd incorporates multiple AI models such as ChatGPT, Claude, Stable Difusion, etc
  • BizBudd comes with a smart Broser assistant that works across multiple browsers such as Chrome, Edge, FireFox, etc
  • BizBudd will convert ANY web page into multiple content formats and summarize videos to create even more unique content.
  • All-encompassing solution for Marketers combining text-based content creation, workflow enhancements, and advanced image generation capabilities
  • BizBudd AI is an all-in-one AI assistant that streamlines online marketing tasks for entrepreneurs like myself. It offers content creation, research assistance, and design features - all under one user-friendly platform. BizBudd helps me generate content, source data, create visuals, tailor marketing strategies, and craft localized content, saving me tons of time and boosting my productivity. Whether you're an online marketer, web designer, or freelancer, BizBudd is a must-have tool.
    Christopher Sciullo
  • BizBudd saves me countless hours and keeps my creative flow going. It's a game-changer for anyone who needs to produce fresh content on a regular basis. Whether you're a fellow author, busy entrepreneur, or social media maver, BizBudd is a must-have tool!
    Dr J Thomas Smith
  • BizzBudd AI is a game changer!! It simplifies daily tasks, content, and image creation. It has a massive prompt library that uses not one, but four AI engines for researching and generating content. Also, the platform allows you to create and train your very own AI assistant that can handle various online tasks without the need to hire additional staff. I haven’t found another platform that combines all these features and more in one place.
    Marilyn Cobbs
  • $230.00
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