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Simple Video Management System Plugin-Multi Site - Unlimited
Amount $67.00
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Easy to use and powerful video player and manager! We run our entire business of 4000+ videos using this custom-coded plugin!
  • Effortlessly organize all your videos -- S3, YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted -- in one spot
  • Display "magic" buy buttons, optin forms, or any HTML on screen at any time
  • "Chrome Proof" splash image -- overlay attention grabbing animated GIF or text at start and/or end of your video!
  • Create galleries and grids just like Youtube or other major video content companies
  • Simple Video Management System does what it says – makes adding video to a WordPress site easy. Even better, it just works. Every time. After about a year, I’ve yet to find an issue with it. It’s quick to install, and in two minutes you can have a video on your site without even thinking about javascript or frames or any other techy stuff. It’s, simple, fast, and it works. You can’t ask for anything more than that.
    Cindy Bidar –
  • This thing is completely bad ass! Just wanted to thank you SO much for SVMS. I was in a serious pickle when the solution I was using quit working. I thought I was going to have to spend A LOT of money, and probably have to pay monthly.. You not only came to my rescue with SVMS but also gave me a BETTER solution. It does WAY more than my old solution,, it's super easy to use (had my first video on my site in less than a minute), and it's cheaper than my old solution! I 110% recommend this to ANYONE.
    Liz Tomey -
  • It has not taken long for SVMS to become one of my go-to plugins. In fact, it has replaced all the other video players I use. It’s that good! The real power comes from the shortcode setup. This allows the plugin to show me every page the video is displayed on. This is a huge time saver. I know which pages are affected by a change. If I edit a video, I make one change and ALL the pages with that video are updated. Thanks to David and NAMS, for once, I swear by (not at) a video player.
    Art Remnet
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