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Green Tomatoes For Forex Newbies
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The Green Tomatoes For Newbies is designed to teach absolute newbies how to forex trade. From basic things like how to set up your free MT4 trading platform, how to make your first trade: everything a newbie needs to know to get up and running quickly.
  • The Green Tomatoes For Forex Newbies is perfect for people who want to learn from scratch, how to trade forex from home.
  • Learn how to setup your free MT4 trading platform and how to place your trades.
  • The MT4 trading system itself is easy to learn and very simple and profitable.
  • Anybody can learn to do this! It's perfect for people that want to earn a 2nd income or a full time income!
  • I've been learning how to trade forex using Cynthia's Green Tomatoes for Newbies while I've been's been fun and I'm doing well.
    Leslie M.
  • This summer I decided that I needed to learn a new skill so I don't have to work in the factory in town like everyone else. I found this website and bought the newbie course, hoping I would like it....well I love it!
    Veronica T.
  • I'm a stock trader turned forex trader, and I needed a simple tutorial of how to get started with forex. The videos in the PDF got me up and running fast in my mt4 demo acct. I love the Green Tomatoes for Newbies trading system! It's been really fun to learn and I'm doing ok for a newbie.
    Roberto Z.
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