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Powerful platform for cold email marketing helps you find more clients for your business with automation
  • Personalized Drip Email Sequence
  • Handcrafted Customer Journeys
  • Email Verification In-built
  • Powerful Analytics & Data Reporting
  • Hi your app so far I understand from your video and descriptions could be a hot cake this time. During this Corona Era, most of all businesses are being run from home. Moreover, to promote a business cold emails need to be converted to real customers and lead generation is a crying need.This is why your app may be an essential tool for any online business.
    Muhammad Jasim Uddin
  • Thank You for creating this amazing App based on the oldest marketing tool,email. It completely revamp the email marketing concept by using very modern tools like email verification, API,CRM and more. I also like the flexibility of creating the most plausible pathway to gain the heart of the customer. I could say more but this is simply an amazing way to modernize email marketing and give it more marketing power.. Thanks.
    Fritz Tibois
  • This app sounds amazing! I've been searching for an affordable solution to send cold emails for the past few months. I've tested a few Gmail extensions but none that I found had a built-in email validator so I was getting tons of emails bounces and errors. This puts my Gmail account at risk. Being able to scrub my list before sending my cold emails will dramatically increase my results while not having to put my Gmail account at risk. This makes me excited about PursueApp. I can't wait to try it out.
    Dana Williams
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