The Zen Of Traveling With Kids


How can you truly enjoy your next car trip with the family? Hours together in a car can be stressful for everyone. Kids get resltess and start irritating each other - which in turn irritates the parents, but if you can keep the kids entertained the trip will be much more fun for everyone.

This colorful ebook provides the answer to keeping kids entertained. It contains the rules for over 20 traditional and new games that can be played in the car, at the airport or anywhere kids are traveling. The games don't require any reading so they are great for toddlers as well as older kids. These games do not require anything but imaginationa and are perfect for anytime kids have to wait patiently.

They are also perfect for other situations such as traveling to soccer games; waiting at the grocery store; waiting at the dentists office or just doing errands around town. Be ready the next time your kids start to fidget.


Running Errands?

These games can be played anywhere kids need to wait. They also have an added benefit of expanding your kids creative thinking skills. Because there are no electronic devices involved, kids have to think to play these games. Travel Games for Kids is the perfect book for any parent. 






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