Smart And Savvy People Are Doing These Things To Have Their Dogs Obey The House Rules Even When They Are Not Around


Blue Heeler's, they are loved by everyone. But not when they start disobeying them. Here I will teach you how to train them to obey you, and remember your rules even when you are not around. And this is guaranteed whether you have previously trained him or not. 

Dear Blue Heeler owner (or future Blue Heeler owner),  

The very first thing that all of the us have to face, is that our pets use our house as a huge bathroom. But they can always be trained to make sure that they don’t do the same thing anymore. But before you start searching for that perfect person who would train your Blue Heeler, I want you to ask a few questions to yourself.

·         Do you think that your Blue Heeler is much worse than your spoiled child? Maybe it keeps bouncing over people the whole day no matter what you order him? Does he bite you? Does he keeps chewing your furniture or your shoes, and doesn’t listens to you when you order him not to do so?

·         Does he gives attention to the orders you give to him? Or you are simply not aware of how to control your dog effectively? Have you searched regarding these issues before? Or maybe hired a trainer who was not so effective?

·         Have you lost all hope, because you simply don’t have enough time to train him, and other trainers have also failed to do so? Do you wish that there was a simple way that would train your dog in any way you want?

I hope that your answer to these questions is yes, or else there is no reason that you should reading this article right now. And you should be considering yourself lucky, because you have luckily stumbled on this website that gives you all the solutions to training your Blue Heeler in any way you want. And all that information is not given to you by a trainer, all of it is in this eBook. 


"Blue Heeler Training Secrets"

 Make sure that you don’t misunderstand this article as a presentation of this eBook. This is a complete solution to all the difficulties you have to face given by your Blue Heeler. And to be very frank, it is not your fault that your Blue Heeler is disobedient. The fact is that, Blue Heeler are a breed that are tough to train. And unless you have a very strong way to train them, they will give you a really hard time doing that.

This ebook is the guide that contains all the tricks and tips that will help you to train your Blue Heeler to behave exactly as you expect him to do. Here are the list of some things that you will be learning in this eBook:

  • Learn the body language of your Blue Heeler, and know what he wants to tell you. This is the only best way to learn this information, and your friends think that YOU are the real Dr. DoLittle who talks with their dogs.
  • This secret of training Blue Heeler into obedient adults is known by only few professional trainers. This can be the primary reason why your previous trainer failed to train your Blue Heeler.
  • How to train your Blue Heeler to stop using your house as a huge bathroom.
  • A couple of rules that you should teach your Blue Heeler to keep in mind, and not repeat those bad behaviors.
  • Learn how the Blue Heeler think. This will make the process of training your Blue Heeler super easy.
  • This will erase the act of chewing your shoes and furniture from your Blue Heeler mind.
  • Every dog deserves to be rewarded. This is how your Blue Heeler should be rewarded, because they are completely different from other dog breeds. This trick alone will make your dog more obedient and disciplined because of the rewards that they will receive.
  • This method of punishment is the best for your Blue Heeler. This punishment will remain in his mind before he commits any bad behavior. And yes, this will not end you up in jail for crimes against animals.
  • These easy commands will teach your Blue Heeler to either lie down or sit in places that you instruct him.
  • This super easy command will make sure that your Blue Heeler understands that you want him to come to you, and bring anything that you ask them.
  • Things that you should do if your dog disobeys you, and pulls your leash while having a walk. This alone will make your walks super easy for you, unlike the old days where you had to think twice before getting your dog for a walk.
  • Tricks to teach your dog to keep walking by your side even when you don’t have anything to control him. This alone will make things look like you are Charles Xavier from Xmen who is controlling the mind of the dog.
  • Simple tips that will make sure that your Blue Heeler does not bites your friends, and anyone else. This will completely stop this biting thing once and for all.
  • ….. and this was just the tip of that iceberg. There are whole lot of things that you will be learning from this ebook.

And to surprise you even more, this was just one part where I mention these training secrets. There are many other parts that you will get to learn more about your Blue Heeler to make him more obedient, loyal, and happy living pet. 


What is the Price of this incredible 

  But first things first. You will be wondering what would this cost to you. Because most of the trainers out there would easily cost you around $100-$500 to train your Blue Heeler completely. And that too will be partial training. They will give you a list of things to do to make sure that your dog doesn’t reverts back to the old disobedient behavior.

But what if you, yourself train your Blue Heeler to behave obediently, and not make those huge disasters that you have to deal with? How much would it cost you to live happily with your Blue Heeler with all that obedient behavior, just like what you see in those movies?

How much do you think is the cost of this happiness of you, and your Blue Heeler?

Just take your time to think what you are currently doing to live with your Blue Heeler. Fixing the mess in your garden, cleaning your carpets, repairing different things in your house, etc. And how much would a professional person would cost to do all of these things for you? And if you were asked to put a price on this bad behavior of your Blue Heeler, how much would you put?

Without any second thoughts, I can say that this will alone cost you $1000. And who knows, you might even be in that position right now. Many reputed dog trainers cost anywhere around $300 to $500 a month to train your Blue Heeler effectively.

But what if I said that just spending $17.77 is the only thing that will put an end to all this misery, and messes that you have to deal with? Would you accept this deal?

Why Am I Offering All This for 
Only $17.77?

Ok, you might be thinking that I’m a fraud because you are reading this on the internet. Or there is no reason for me to just charge you $17.77 for all of these things.

To be brutally honest, I too think that I should price this eBook at least $100 to $200. And that too will be a great deal for all the dog owners.

And the truth is, I will be increasing the price of this ebook soon. I am planning to increase its price to $47.77, because this information is something that not all of those dog trainers have. In other words, this information is scarce.

There is another benefit that you are having right now. And it is your computer. You see, you will be downloading this ebook immediately after making the payment. So you don’t even have to leave your seat to access this information. And if you choose, you can even print this ebook if you find it hard to read on your monitor.

This completely prevents all those traditional costs that I would have to face if I were to publish this book, and then personally ship it to your house. But that’s not the end of the benefits. 

Free Bonuses to Make your Purchase an Easy Decision 

I wanted to make sure that you are having all the information that you will ever need to train any dog, and not just Blue Heelers. And that is the reason why I have put these bonuses for you in place. Who knows, you can even start your own dog training business, because you will be one of a kind who is having this scarce information that other dog trainers are lacking which results in mediocre results for them.

Bonus #1:  Audio Book in MP3 format of “The Secret To Getting Your Blue Heeler To Stop Chewing Everything It Finds” (Value = $30)

Audio books is the second best way to learn anything. This is because you will not even have to print those copies from the ebook. All you have to do, is plug those earphones in, and start learning.

This secret is so simple that you can just start applying it immediately, and you will even start seeing the results the moment you apply this information.

  • Why is your Blue Heeler attracted to chewing those things, and why other trainers are not able to prevent it from doing that?
  • A simple trick that will keep your Heeler away from these things that will make sure that they do not chew it again.
  • and many more things..


Bonus #2: The Puppy Blue Heeler Training Plan (Value = $40)

A puppy Blue Heeler is much easier to train, because they have never been trained anything before, and not even exposed to react in a certain way. This will be the perfect chance for you to train them in your ideal way.

This guide contains everything that you will ever need to train your puppy within 25 days to perfection. And it doesn’t matter how ignorant they are, or how much of a mess they create for you. You only need 10 minutes to apply these things, and boom, your puppy is ready for everything that ask them to do.

Here is a sneak peak of the things that you will be learning from this guide:

  • This awesome game that you can play with your puppy that he will never even think that he is being trained to become obedient and disciplined.
  • The 2 most basic things that you need to know before training your puppy. And once your pet is familiarized with these things, everything is just laid on the path for you. You just have to walk it.
  • Things that you should avoid while training your puppy Blue Heeler. These are the couple of things that will make your puppy bored, and disobey you.
  • And many more things…


Bonus #3: Stop Your Blue Heeler from biting other people (A PDF Report) (Value = $30)

This is the first thing that most people are afraid of, and Blue Heelers are expert at biting people. This is a report about how you can train your puppy Blue Heeler to make sure that he doesn’t ever bites anyone again.

These are the things that you will be training your puppy:

  • What should you do, and how should you punish your puppy when he bites a person
  • Why is your puppy Blue Heeler biting other people, and what you should do about it.
  • Why is your puppy biting you? You live with him all the time.
  • And many more things that you will learn in this report….


This was a great list of bonuses. Over $80 in Bonuses for an eBook that you will be purchasing for just $17.77!

Yes, that’s true. These bonuses are only available for a limited time, before I will be increasing the price of this ebook and removing these bonuses. There are people telling me that if I just sell these bonuses alone, I will still be making a whole lot of money, because these bonuses alone make up to the value that I provide.

This is just a marketing test, and I know this is insane, because I’m providing double the information that I would usually do. It is better that you buy it now, because there is no guarantee that these bonuses will be available tomorrow. No pressure though.

I am so confident about the effectiveness of this information, that I’m even ready to offer you a ground-breaking guarantee.

A 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason that you are not satisfied with the information in these ebooks, just ask me for a refund, and I will give back every penny. No questions asked.

You have 60 days to apply and test this information.

In my opinion, this is the best thing for you, because there is literally no risk that you will be having. I mean, if you are not satisfied, or if you think that the information is ineffective, just send me an email, and you’ll get your money back. And the best part is that you will still get to keep the ebook and the bonuses that you get with it.

Logically, I am the one who is taking all the risk. And this is because I am confident about the effectiveness of this information. 


In Summary You're Obtaining...

You will be getting $80 worth of bonuses, that are:

  • Bonus #1:  Audio Book in MP3 format of “The Secret To Getting Your Blue Heeler To Stop Chewing Everything It Finds” (Value = $30)
  • Bonus #2: The Puppy Blue Heeler Training Plan (Value = $40)
  • Bonus #3: Stop Your Blue Heeler from biting other people (A PDF Report) (Value = $30)

    I have done the math for you, and all these things adds up to $144 if I were to sell all of these things separately. And these are nothing that were created in just a day or two. This information is the compilation of years of research that was documented, and improved upon.

    And the best part, all this information is available in simple English. It does not require you to be a dog specialist to understand it. You can start reading and applying all these benefits, and tricks within just 5 minutes.

    All you have to do, is click that “Buy Now” button and order this ebook with your credit card. The rest is handled by me, and I will make sure that you receive all those bonuses and the main ebook within minutes.

    I guarantee you that you will never get this same information at this price. 

     To get the eBook "Blue Heeler Training Secrets" just click on the "Order Now" button below:



 The decision is yours. Whether you want to deal with the daily mess that your Blue Heeler creates for you. Or you just want to put an end to these things and train your Blue Heeler in the best way possible. You decide your next step that you want to take.

Click that “Order Now” button, and get access to my cutting edge ebook to train your Blue Heeler now at this special prize that will be increased later on. 




I am confident that my ebook is one of a kind, and you will praise yourself for making this decision. And you will train your Blue Heeler to live a happy life together.


To the future years of fun and happiness of you and your Blue Heeler ,

Yours Truly,

     Mark Mendoza
     A lover of Blue Heeler dogs


P.S. Remember, this is an introductory offer; it is likely that the price will increase to $47.77 dollars very, very soon. Do not put off the purchase; act now and get your hands on the eBook "Blue Heeler Training Secrets" for only $17.77 dollars.

P.P.S. The eBook "Blue Heeler Training Secrets" is a downloadable PDF file meaning that once the credit card purchase goes through, you will have immediate access to a page where you can download the eBook along with all the other free amazing gift vouchers.




See What Others Have to Say 

     Below are testimonials of satisfied clients who have followed my advice in training their Blue Heelers.


“I’m now surprised that my dog is listening to my commands when I order him to sit down, or lie down.  And it has just been a day after I purchased this ebook and applied the information.

I have now gathered back all my hopes, and I think that soon I will be able to live with a perfect dog that is trained according to my wishes”

Alice Smith, Kansas


“My dog has completely changed the way he behaves when we go for a dog. He is now more cheerful and gives full attention to the instructions I give him. So now I have decided that it is time to take that leash out, and lets walk like perfect buddies.”

Zelene, Maryland


“As of now, my dog has stopped using my house as a bathroom, and uses the yard instead. Also, I have made sure that he behaves cheerfully with all of us, because at the end of the day, that Blue Heeler is a family member. I can literally understand what he wants to communicate with me.

I have to say that every dog owner should learn the psychology of a dog before getting to the training part. And this is not so easy. I would say that understanding human psychology proved much easier for me.

And as you mentioned, I have made sure that my dog is the leader of the litter. And even though I have a long way to go, I must say that I now know my exact goal, and continuously working towards it.”

Gilbert Barnes, Louisiana


“Most of the dog owners that I know, take the harsh route of hitting their dogs to teach them rules and other things. I too was one of them, but not now. I have to say that to teach a dog to behave in a particular way, first, we have to learn how to teach them.

I am now able to prevent him from chewing my furniture, and stealing my shoes. And not only that, I now have bought a couple of footballs for him that we use to have a fun time with each other. And the best thing is that, we now treat him as a family members which them results in my dog behaving in a much more cheerful way.

I have to say that I have never seen this kind of behavior before.”

Katy Rivera, Mexico


“Before one starts to train their dog, they should first learn to understand their behavior. This is crucial, because understanding this one thing, gives you indications of the feelings that a dog goes through. And to be honest, I am now treating my dog completely different than how I used to before. And not only that, I am now able to learn the different types of reactions my Blue Heeler gives, and try to learn from them and train him in a certain that.

My Blue Heeler has grown to a mature age, and she doesn’t does any damage. But the best thing, is that she jumps on people to greet them. This is the best thing that one can have.

And yes, she does not bark when she is alone in the house.”

Ursula, Wyoming


“Your ebook is the only thing that I use to train my dog. He now recognizes his name, and comes to me when I call him. I have also teached him some obedience, and working towards teaching more. I have to say that your ebook is definitely one of the best dog training guide.”

Marvin, Oregaon


“I now realized that there were a couple of things that I was doing wrong. This was the reason why I was not able to train my dog effectively.

Now I’m able to teach my dog much faster, and with the help of this ebook, my dog is now a much better pet at playing games and being calm. And the best part is that I can walk around with him without any worries.”

Raymond, Alabama


“I have now learned how the dogs think, and this has further increased my knowledge in training my dog in a better way”

Danielle Walker, Toronto


“My dog is 10 years old, and we have been living together since he was a puppy. One thing that I found the most difficult, was to teach him to pee outside the house, and not on the carpets. I never had a clue about why he never obeyed me. But now, this dog is highly obedient, and knows what I want. I am now able to train him in a much better way, and faster way. Only if a person knows the facts, they are on the path to training their dog effectively.”

Violeta Sanchez, Mexico


“The best thing that I learned from your ebook, is to understand my dog. Now I’m not just punishing him to teach the rules and be obedient. I now know exactly how he feels, and since then, I have changed my attitude towards him. And surprisingly enough, I have seen the same thing in return.

Previously my dog used to disobey me in everything that I instructed him to do. But now, I just have to ask him, and he does the rest.”

Herbert Turner, Maryland


“Your ebook helped me to make sure that my dog has learned the socializing, and the obedience part, because those are one of the most important things. I have also taught him to use different places for different things to avoid the messes they create.”

Rolf Lewis, Alabama


“Now my house is poopless, and that is the best thing that has happened. Your ebook has helped me to teach my dog this behavior, and to be honest, this has prevented 50% of the messes that I had to deal with. And unless it is raining outside, then my dog deals with his business on the newspaper. Best ebook ever.”

Lorena, Illinois



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