Do You Realize How Much Traffic You Can Generate By Getting +1 Clicks?

G Plus Voodoo

This course will give you an in-depth overview of Google Plus and will show you how to both use G+ to socialize with your audience and your business partners, as well as show you how to get new +1 clicks which will drive traffic to your website.

What Will You Learn?

Here is an overview of the main content that you can learn and implement right away into your +1 marketing campaigns:

  • Introduction To Google + And Its Benefits
  • How To Create A Google+ Account & Set It Up Properly
  • Putting It Into Action: Circles, Streams, & +1 Wizardry
  • How To Get TONS of +1 Clicks
  • Google's SERP Algorithm & How +1 Clicks Factor In
  • +1 Click Persuasion

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What Is The Format?

This product is delivered as a combination of a video course and an eBook.

Video Course – High Quality 720p h264/mp4 files:
Introduction & Setup 4:37
G+ Streams & Product Promotion 3:43
+1 Clicks Galore pt. 1 8:42
+1 Clicks Galore pt. 2 6:26
Recap & Further Info 8:13
total running time: 35:21

Content pack 1: 398mb

(Yes, 400 Megabytes. I TOLD you this is high quality!)

High quality 35-page eBook w/ rebrandable covers & source files
G Plus Voodoo PDF eBook
G Plus Voodoo ODT eBook
G Plus Voodoo DOC eBook
G Plus Voodoo (Rebrandable) PNG Cover Art

Content pack 2: 10mb.

Google+ Voodoo - HOT!



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