Discover the Precise Facebook Marketing Strategies, the Exact Practical Tactics and Proven Personal Brand Building Methods that You can Use on Facebook to Attract Thousands of Loyal Followers, Generate Endless Leads for your Business, and  Literally Explode Your Profits… In Just 60 Minutes A Day!


Angela Giles’ New e-Book “Facebook Marketing in 60 Minutes a Day” ushers YOU into the Provocatively Lucrative World of Facebook Marketing.


Facebook Marketing in 60 Minutes A Day: Unlocks the Secrets of Building a Huge Business Using the Power of Facebook





Dear Fellow Internet Marketer, 


Have you felt like you're doing everything you can to gain customers and it’s just not working? You aren't the stumbling block, it's just the methods you are using… change them and you'll get remarkable results!


Tell me something…


  •     Is the Internet a significant part of your marketing and business strategy?
  •     Does your business depend on generating a constant flow of new leads?
  •     Can your business benefit from word of mouth viral publicity?
  •     Is personal branding the central pillar of your marketing efforts? 


Nodding your head in agreement?  It’s time to start benefiting from Facebook. Millions and millions of people are joining social networking sites to connect with friends, forge new relationships, and share content.


More internet marketers are rushing to the social marketing bandwagon than the miners of the 19th Century California Gold Rush. It is not surprising since social networking is as good as a goldmine for marketers and everyone who wants to maximize it.  


 A quick glance at current Facebook statistics will show you why this makes sense.   


  •    800 million users and growing

  •    2nd most popular site after Google

  •    mobile users of Facebook are more active than web users

  •    officially supports 70 languages 

  •    more than 35% of users are in North America

  •    50% of active users log in every day

  •    average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events

  •    20 million people become fans of pages each day

  •    250 million photos are added each day


… What do these numbers mean for YOU?  Imagine the possibilities for your business!


… Don’t walk away from the gold under your feet! 


… Discover the secrets of building a huge business using the Power of Facebook Now!






   "Facebook Marketing in 60 Minutes a Day”


Facebook Marketing in 60 Minutes a Day

  Are you doing everything you can to gain customers, but, it’s just not working?
… Change the methods you are using and you will get remarkable results!

Facebook has become the trailblazer of social networking with over 800 million users.   The advantages of using Facebook as a marketing tool are unparalleled !!!! 


  •    It offers the maximum reach of any social networking platform

  •    Easily discover your target market and niche audiences

  •    Powerful viral marketing

  •    Without spending a single dollar


One of my coaching clients gets over 67% of her business from Facebook. She utilizes the exact strategies that I have taught her in this e-book.


NEVER before has it ever been so easy to market effectively on Facebook in only  60 minutes a day.

You'll be amazed at the ability to establish real connections and to close sales…


Results are beyond staggering… They are OUTRAGEOUS!


Learn the fun, easy and powerful step by step techniques I use to grow my business using Facebook. 


In my latest e-book, "Facebook Marketing in 60 Minutes a Day", I have revealed the exact steps you need to take to skyrocket your business too!  You will learn:


  •   How to quickly master the basics of Facebook

  •   How to create a profile that attracts leads to you like bees to honey

  •   Proven techniques to promote your business on Facebook

  •   How to develop and sustain profitable relationships

  •   How to increase your fan following daily

  •   How to discover and leverage Facebook groups and joint ventures

  •   How to advertise on Facebook without spending a single dollar

  •   What not  to do on Facebook



Discover how to:


  •   Integrate your Facebook and blogging activities

  •   Generate leads directly from Facebook by building trust and credibility with your target audience

  •   Promote your products

  •   Build your brand

  •   Use the proper etiquette for social media


This book is a business owner’s best friend.  Change the way you are using social media now and forever.  


Regular price is $97 but, for a limited time it is yours to use to build a huge business for a measly $5! 



Download the ebook NOW!


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 Everyone deserves a copy. 

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Facebook Marketing in 60 Minutes a Day?




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