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If you use Syndwire – Stick around this is for you!!!

If you have been using the awesome Syndwire platform and you have been getting results then you already know that you need lots of account sets. If you are not getting the results you desire – download my Automation Tools PDF  and read pages 1-17.

Syndwire Buddy

Until now you only really had two choices for account sets.

1. Create them yourself or

2. Pay someone on Fiverr to create them.

The first is time consuming and the second is costly when you take into account that you usually pay extra to have the accounts uploaded and you will be routinely replacing accounts. WordPress and Tumblr alone delete thousands upon thousands of accounts every month.

We offer you a third option. For less than the cost of 20 account sets (uploaded) we present Syndwire Buddy.

Syndwire Buddy Creates the accounts, uploads them to Syndwire and even groups them into campaigns. (Although you are probably going to want to make smaller campaign groups.)

Ok  that’s it – No high powered sales pitch.

So what is it going to cost?


This includes 1 year of updates. After that year update subscriptions will be $50 a year. We think you should know this upfront. We are not going to promise a lifetime of free updates because we see accounts every week that we need to update.



Note: This does not run on a mac and requires .net 4.5+

This product is being sold by: Jeffrey Evans with a 30 days refund period.
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