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I am R. Edwards and I am the creator and designer of the Elite Review Theme. I have been been putting in many hours in order to deliver what I know is the best review theme on the market. 

I say that because as an affilite marketer, I know one of the most effective ways to advertise products is the review site. In order to do that, you have two options. The first is the review plugin. The problem with those is they can slow down your site a great deal. The other option is the review theme. 

I can admit that I have spent my hard earned money on most of the review themes out there on the market. Some sold in this forum. In my experience, many are not worth the price they charge. What I have noticed is that the themes are either hard on the eyes or hard on the wallet. So I developed this theme to be easy on both. YES, you get a lot of features in this theme but NO, you will not pay a lot for it.  

The money you save on this theme can be spent on marketing the website you spend time on developing. I also noticed many of the themes are complicated to both install and use and it is almost impossible to get your site to even resemble the demo site. My theme however is easy to set up and use right out of box.







List Pros and Cons and Display the Overall Rating

Use jQuery Tabs and the Main Features option to display different features.  Display Your Overall Rating.



Allow Your Visitors to Show Ratings in the Comment Section



For $7.00 you will get everything this theme has to offer including.

  • Fully Customizable Header and Logo
  • Display both Review and Non Review Posts
  • Display both images and Videos on the Homepage Slider
  • Create Both Review and Non Review Posting
  • Select Different Rating Categories for Different Posts
  • Display the Top Rated Products on your Site
  • Uses jQuery Tabs to show you visitors more information without making the page too long   
  • Creat a Post with and without jQuery Tabs
  • Allows you to list Pros and Cons
  • Allows you to List Key Features So you can Bring Attention to Product Features
  • Allows Visitor Comments and Visitor Pros and Cons
Full Developer's License For $7.00




This product is being sold by: rufus mcneill with a 7 days refund period.
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