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Anyone with just a few basic writing skills, backed with a yen to travel and tell stories about their experiences and take a few photographs to show friends back home, can make dozens of trips abroad every year or even travel the world FREE of charge and have money to bank back home!


Simple!  By becoming a travel writer and photographer.

This amazingly profitable business is well within the talents of almost every writer and photographer, even with limited experience, but surprisingly few consider travel writing, thinking they will have to be well-traveled themselves or have to finance expensive trips abroad with no guarantee their work will sell.

Not so!  In fact most writers can operate perfectly well, and profitably, as a travel writer sometimes without even leaving home, working purely from experience, research and photographs gained from genuine travelers or gathered from books and Internet research.

The Opportunities are Truly Astounding!

Countless worldwide markets are desperate for travel features and photographs and some will pay very well indeed, sometimes hundreds of dollars, frequently with an advance payment to help you finance your journey.  And when you return home there will still be numerous other markets to offer stories, features and photographs, ensuring that your trip pays for itself sometimes for many years to come.

If you don't want to travel abroad, many publications at home and abroad are keen to buy material relating to your country.   
And this just the tip of the iceberg!

Even if a simple letter or snapshot is all you can manage, don't consider travel writing and photography is useless to you.  Instead look in any of dozens of glossy magazines on the newsagents stands each week and study the number of letters and fillers they contain, now check how many are travel related.

Quite a few, making this an ideal place for the complete novice to make their mark.

Write Around the World FREE! gives all the information and guidance you need to get started in this profitable hobby and profession right from the day your copy pops through your letterbox.  You'll find dozens of tips for making your work stand out from the rest and even a directory of markets waiting to hear from you.

Surprisingly, you'll also find yourself in demand by more than just publishers and editors.  Don't be surprised to find researchers and academics, hoteliers and chefs, importers and travel agents, and many others offering you money up front to do a few simple jobs for them on your travels.

Write Around the World FREE! will positively astound you.  Don't wait any longer to get started on the road to traveling wherever the fancy takes you and earning big money on route!






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