Did you know the Liberty Bell is inscribed with the Biblical LAW for debt forgiveness Jubilee?

"You shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants; it shall be a Jubilee for you" 

(Leviticus 25:10)


Did you know that interest-free money creation and lending; along with 50 year debt Jubilee is the required LAW so that we live in abundance, justice and peace of mind?


Are you tired of politicians, banksters, talking heads and Church leaders ignoring the LAW while we remain in perpetual debt to the "money masters?


Are you curious about Jesus' empassioned message of TRUTH about the "money power"?


If so, you're going to discover much, much more...




usuryFree Jubilee Training is the sacred economic foundation

to co-create Heaven on Earth.



Jesus got violent with ONLY the "money lenders" who were perpetrating the contract fraud of usury.

Do you know any banksters who have been arrested for corruption? The banksters have stolen trillions through bailouts, quantitative easing, inflation and fractional reserve lending. Meanwhile, they buy off the politicians, courts and "law enforcement" so they never get arrested. This is why Jesus called them the "den of thieves". This is why He hates "usury". "Usury is the root of all evil". Usury is the "money power" based upon monopoly, exponentially growing debt and un-payable contract fraud. 

ANY interest/riba/usury creates a scheme where it is impossible for all borrowers to pay their debts. Although MOST can pay their debts, it's impossible for everyone to pay their debts. Defaults on loans are built into the system. Humanity has been playing a game of "musical chairs" where we are certain to eventually lose our collateral, homes, land and government. With mathematic certainty the debt masters are guaranteed to aggregate all the wealth into a tiny few hands. Through monopoly on money and contract fraud, the banksters have hijacked planet earth. What exactly are the "den of thieves" stealing?  ...our lives, children, history, future, hope, wealth, culture, health, environment, jobs, government, dignity, truth, self-sufficiency, natural rights, freedom and self-determination.



The Problem

"Usury is the root of all evil"

For 1000's of years beautiful Jews, Christians and Muslims forbid ANY usury/interest/riba. It was regarded as great Sin. Moses, Jesus and Muhammad each warned against usury. Additionally, philosophers Socretes, Plato and Cato each warned against usury as well. Ancient wisdom of believers and non-believers alike is based on a MATHEMATIC FLAW. Usury creates exponentially growing debts cannot be paid with even our "last pound of flesh". UsuryFree money creation and lending was the LAW. A universal debt Jubilee forgiveness was required each 7 and 49 years to make sure that humanity didn't become perpetual debt slaves to the usurers.

Additionally, monopoly control over the money system permits "total spectrum" dominance over the masses by a tiny few. Do you know the golden rule? "He with the gold makes the rules". Control of money is control of the rewards system. Wealth and abundance is offered to puppet politicians, corrupt Church leaders and a complicit media. Each is paid for their silence on this essential issue.

Today, all of our money is created by a private bank monopoly as debt with interest. The Federal Reserve is a private company just like Federal Express. Don't believe this? Go to the phone book and you'll find the Fed. under the business section. Like any corporation they are created to make sure THEY have money not you and your family. Even prior to the Fed usury monopoly over gold and silver permitted the elite to enslave Americans. The US borrowed and had a national debt its entire history(sans 1835) PRIOR to the Fed. As "borrower is slave to the lender" the US was not sovereign.

Humanity has woken up from the American Dream to find themselves living in an Orwellian nightmare. The news is filled with fears of a growing police state, a currency collapse and even threats of WWIII. Just like the Matrix movie our controllers have turned us into HUMAN BATTERIES which fuel their evil empire built on debt and death.

"Where there is no vision the people perish"

Where do we turn to for answers? The talking heads and politicians only offer varying types of austerity. The Vatican Bank is fueled by usury for the corrupt church leaders. Our media is built to divide and conquer the One Love of the human spirit. Our entertainment industry is based on materialism and now promotes a Zombie Apocalyptic future. Even the majority of the alternative media supports the Golden Calf "false idol", fear and mere survivalism. Each day there seems to be some new form of poison of our water, air, food and minds. We are left in a perpetual state of playing Wacka-mole fighting the new evil of the day.

Listen, we're so desperate for a real political leader we accept 70% truth. A new cult of personality forms around anyone who tells more truth than the pack. Congress has about a 10% approval rating. So, it doesn't take much to stand out above the rest. We are truly "wandering in the wilderness" without hope. This is the first generation where it's become accepted that their future will be less than ours. How can that be? Why hasn't technology given us the abundance that was promised? Why does our standard of living drop regardless of our productivity? How can we save the planet from un-sustainable growth and Fukushema fallout?

Why do we listen to anyone unless they talk about these essential issues? Where is the plan for victory, success, abundance and justice? One cannot achieve success unless it can visualized first. 



The Solution:

"He who keepeth the law, happy is he"

Ancient wisdom is the key to our emancipation. Our ancestors were debt slaves to the "money power" as we are today. They learned very difficult lesson with their blood, sweat and tears. They too "wandered the wilderness" looking for salvation. They too were hopeless and praying that they would be led to the "promised land". Only once they followed the LAW instead of "false idols" did they cross over. This is essential lesson for us to head today. To go from Hell on Earth to Heaven no Earth we must follow the LAW. 

The prophets of the past speak to us today. If you listen very closely they tell us...Follow the Creator's few LAWS instead of the 1000's made by man. Follow the LAW, not false idols and false prophets. By following the LAW we protect our tribe from being betrayed by the next confidence man the usurer hires. It's our RESPONSIBILITY TO LEAD OUR TRIBES TO SALVATION. We cannot stand by while the "den of thieves" and their minions destroy all Creation.

"You are the leader you've been waiting for"

Simply by following the LAW you are more qualified to lead than ANYONE on TV. Simply by following the LAW you know more monetary truth than a PhD in economics. Did you know there are no universities which offer a degree in interest-free lending? Meanwhile, interest-free lending is the ONLY WAY to have a sustainable economy? You see the usurers control the education system. We receive a banksters education NOT a government or university education. We are programmed to believe in the lie that interest is necessary and honest. Think of how grand this deception is. 1500 years ago usury was illegal. Today, our entire economy is built upon that phony foundation. Very few even know the definition of usury. 

Withing every great problem lies a great opportunity. The usuryFree Jubilee is the SOUND ECONOMIC FOUNDATION in which we will co-create Heaven on Earth. Simply by reading and understanding this information YOU ARE FULFILLING prophesy. This is the great revelation. You have taken the time to read, comprehend, care and understand what we must do together to save humanity and planet earth. Just like the Matrix Movie you are the ONE. Just like Neo you doubt that you have the power or influence. Just like Dorothy you may not believe that you can go home without the Wizard's help. The truth is that we have always had the power. We just need to Believe in ourselves instead of the "false idols".

Simply by following the LAW you act under the direct authority of the Creator. His power becomes yours. You become anointed and offer the grand hope of salvation to your tribe. Jesus "wandered in the wilderness" too looking for answers. Upon His return this is what Christ did in His very first gospel filled on the Sabbath. He read the LAW to his people. He embarrassed the corrupt priests who were ignoring it. Meanwhile, he offered a VISION of true hope to poor, debt slaves who were there looking for answers. Listen to this powerful scripture which I have NEVER HEARD offered by corrupt preachers.

Jesus offered His tribe a vision for rebirth based upon the Jubilee from Isaiah 61.

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.

He has anointed

to preach good news to the poor. 

To heal the broken-hearted.

To proclaim Liberty to the captives.

Recovery of sight to the blind.

To set at Liberty those who are oppressed.

To procaim the Year of our Lord's Favor!"

(This is our Jubilee!)


Prophets are LAW enforcement officers acting under authority of the Creator

Remember, Jesus came to fulfill the LAW of Moses which at that time was 1300 years old. He knew that following the LAW is essential to crossing over to the "promised land". He knew he would have to challenge the corrupt "authorities" of His day who were following dozens of man-made statutes. He knew He would have to risk his life to obey the higher LAW. Jesus was a LAW enforcement officer anointed by the Creator.

What LAW? The sacred economic foundation of the usuryFree Jubilee! They knew through thousands of years of trial and error that no society would be sound without this essential LAW. Moses, Jesus and later Muhammad each knew that the "have-nots" would be turned into perpetual debt slaves, if USURY was permitted.

They knew what PhD's, somehow, don't know today. Exponentially, growing debt will eventually consume all of our human and natural resources. They knew that ANY interest creates un-payable contracts. They knew that USURY is the most diabolical, evil force known to man as it creates an invisible form of slavery. Worse, it permits a tiny, evil cabal to rule over humanity by engineering conflict in order to "divide and conquer".

The prophets knew that USURY is an evil energy which we un-wittingly support simply by using the debt-masters money. Simply by USING the Babylonian money system we fuel the Beast which enslaves us. We finance our own demise. Simply by using Federal Reserve Notes, dollars, Yen, Pounds, or Euros we participate in evil. Sadly, we have to just to survive. We are trapped in the Matrix. 

"This is the EXACT reason why the "Prince of Peace" got violent with ONLY the "money lenders".

In return He was crucified for leading a rebellion from USURY corruption. Indeed, usury is the root of all evil. No institution can finance evil acts without support of the "money power". Mammon was the sovereign of the physical world then just as it is today. Therefore, to create Heaven on Earth and overthrow evil; we must follow the LAW.

This is all we must do to win our emancipation from debt slavery. This is all we need to do to empower ourselves and our tribe to lead them to the "promised land" too. Did you know that Moses had a speach impediment, so that his brother Aaron often spoke for him? Meanwhile, Moses is highly regarded leader by beautiful Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

Remember, we are engaged in a spiritual war. Certainly, Mammon is warring on us in the physical world. Our food, water, air, minds and planet are being purposely poisoned. Genocide and all forms of un-speakable acts are being perpetrated. However, it is within the spiritual world we we have the advantage. In order to press that advantage we must be in alignment and follow the LAW.

By following the LAW you are empowered regardlesss of your abilities, looks or wealth. By following the LAW you channel the Creator and His truth. By following the LAW anyone can achieve Christ's Courageous Consciousness. Your destiny is calling. You must take on this challenge and co-create Heaven on Earth.

"Heaven on Earth: peace of mind with freedom from force and fraud"

Jesus' LAW was "do unto others" and the usuryFree Jubilee. By following this LAW we support the "non-aggression principle"(NAP). This eliminates the violence of force in our society. By eliminating usury we elimanate the primary mode of monetary fraud. Meanwhile, usuryFree money permits us to finance all existing social programs too. Most taxes are simply usury in disguise. For example, income tax is merely usury on the private money supply. Income taxes don't directly pay for social programs or our defense. The tax pays for interest only payments. This is entirely un-necessary. By eliminating interest we eliminate $400Billion/year which goes to the usurer.

Interest-free mortgages eliminate 20 years from a 30 year mortgage with the same monthly payment! Imagine a society where families are out of debt by age 35. Once out of debt they can focus on their unique gifts and building a business around them. A usuryFree economy permits a 15-20 week work year in the vocation of one's passion. 

Social programs, defense, schools and roads can all be financed without income and property taxes. The US financed each of these things for most of its history without the violence of taxation. "The power to tax is the power to destroy". When we tax income and property we destroy our own "peace of mind". However, we cannot simply abandon those who are in need. It's our responsibility to honor existing commitments to those trapped in Mammon's web of dependence. usuryFree money permits this to occur by growing the money supply based upon new productivity. New money based upon new productivity will finance social programs rather than "robbing Peter to pay Paul".

usuryFree money manifests abundance so that both the polical left and right get what they desire. Both Occupy Wall St. and the Tea Party can achieve their major demands through a usuryFree monetary system. The divine wisdom of the Jubilee removes the "stone walls" which Mammon has engineered between the debt slaves. By "loving our enemies" we unite together together against the evil of usury. Rather than perpetual debt, scarcity and division; we will co-create a real life miracle. Rather than complaining like help-less children and begging puppet politicians to be honorable; we will empower ourselves to be sovereigns without subjects.

usuryFree Money: money supply is only limited by productivity

ANY outcome humanity wishes; it can create without fear of lack of money. There is only lack of productivity, not lack of money. Products and services are the value NOT the money itself. Therefore, we can create new money to: repair Fukushima and clean-up similar nuclear facilities, we can rebuild our aging infrastracture, we can have free health care, we can have poison free food and water. We can do all of these things AND LOWER TAXES TOO. We must get out of the extraction and scarcity based mind set. The Creator has given us abundance. Mamman has given us scarcity.

This isn't a fantasy. During the Great Depression when the banksters engineered scarcity of money; 3000 local currencies operated in the US. Today, we have about 100. We have started 5 usuryFree, local currencies across the US in 4 different states. We refer to these systems as Hour Money because they are based upon the ONLY commodity which the "have-nots" control. As they say: "time is money". Hour Money is issued without debt or interest as it's based on barter. Barter scrip was used in colonial America, the Great Depression, Argentina's economic collapse and today as the People's self-issued money. 

While the banksters only accept their monopoly money for their debts, taxes and commodities of control; we can use Hour Money for everything else. We can gradually grow our self-reliance and break free from Mammon's Matrix. A monetary system is simply pieces of paper and a data-base. Technologically, there are no difficult obstacles to overcome. We simply need to break our addiction to that which is destroying us. We must co-create new systems which serve us. Then develop the habits to use them. This absolutely works so long as we are committed to the path and have felt enough pain. 



The usuryFree Jubilee Training system for tribal leaders.


"Do you chose Belief or fear?"

Which do you chose? It's really that simple. Will you permit Mammon to continue to dominate your soul and your tribe? Or, do you Believe that the LAW will emancipate us. Do you Believe that you have been Blessed with the spark of the Creator? Do you Believe that "with God all things are possible". I'm sincerely hoping that these questions will spark an internal dialogue which will change the course of your life. This is exactly what has happened to me. 

My epitaph will read: "Wayne Walton dedicated his life to defeat usury"

Please realize that I'm no different than you. I built above-ground pools for a living for 25 years of my life. However, once I was awakened to the corruption of the "den of thieves"; emancipation is all I can think about. Because I had a seasonal business and I have no children I could dedicate massive amounts of time to researching the exact problem and solution. Perhaps my only gifts are problem solving and persistance. Now, it's essential to spread these revelations. 

It's our responsibility as Believers to fight the evil which has consumed humanity. Do you accept this responsibility? Do you seek to attain Courageous Christ Consciousness? In doing so you will truly LIVE a life worth living. We are have a responsibility to ourselves and our progeny to lead our tribe to the promised land. Finally, with modern technology, we debt slaves can speak to one another outside of Mammon's information gate-keepers. Once the masses discover, learn and understand that another future is impossible they will embrace it. However, we don't need large number to emancipate ourselves. All we have to do is build a network of business which can sustain life. Hour Money must be able to supply food, water, shelter, transportation, energy and communications in order to be independent.

lol! When I first woke up I was so scared I "led" my tribe from Florida to Colorado and built an off-grid survival property. I wrongly embraced fear as my guide. That's not leadership. True leaders lead with a vision for victory and abundance. Not only that, the banksters love for us to isolate. The want for us to be "divided and conquered." Alternatively, Jesus did the opposite. He operated within his community and exposed the corrupt by demanding that they follow the LAW. He went on the offensive. That's just one of many lessons you will learn with the usuryFree Jubilee Training.


The usuryFree Jubilee Training System is designed to empower Believers with the tools and skills to lead their tribe. We are growing an international movement of usuryFree Jubilists who are intent on co-creating a sane future. This is the ONLY path which will emancipate humanity from Babylonian captivity. You are the necessary component to make this dream a reality. Nobody is coming to save us. This training accelerates the process so that YOU have a strong concept of the problem and the solution. Your enlightened consciousness which follows the LAW is the essential ingredient.


The usuryFree Jubilee Training System is a series of audio interviews, videos and an eBook. 


Part I: The usuryFree Jubilee audio training. This is 7 hours of interviews by 7 radio talk show hosts. Here you can listen to courageous radio talk show hosts who cover this HIGHLY SUPPRESSED INFORMATION. Enjoy how the hosts and their listeners discover these empowering revelations. It's important to challenge the ideas being presented here. "An honest man fears no question". You will be faced with many of these same honest questions. We're talking about re-engineering the human experience. Of course their will be many challenges. However, with the spirit of cooperation and commitment to the VISION, we cannot be derailed. Because we follow the LAW rather than corruptable men; we won't be subverted. 


99% of the "Christian and alternative media" supports usury by omitting His truth! Listen to these honest radio hosts:

1.  Josh Tolley: What is mtnHours usuryFree local currency?

2. Jack Blood: What's the Jubilee Sheriff?

3. John Bush: It's deflation, not inflation

4. Keith Broaders: Lending without interest details

5. George Whitehurst Berry: Monetary control was the true cause of the American Revolution

6. Fred Smart: Usury USURPS peaceful, honest institutions and replaces them with violent counterfeits.

7. William Henry: Ark of the Covenant and the Jubilee

Part II: Jesus Hates Usury Video Training. "Love the sinner(usurers) hate the sin(usury)" Jesus demonstrated by his sole violent action that he HATED usury. Once you really understand how usury finances every institutional evil on planet earth you'll hate it too. This is 7 videos with 70 minutes of training which expose how ANY usury/interest/riba creates un-payble contracts. Then how engineered defaults become a land conquest system. Use this training tools to educate you and your tribe to understand how the scam works.

1. "History of money" How the "den of thieves" corrupt usuryFree barter scrip.

2. "Cowboy conned by interest" How usury creates defaults even in a voluntary society.

3. "Fool's Gold" How usury creates defaults even with gold and silver money.

4. "Usury theft with Competing Currencies" -with monetary reform author Xabier Garay

5. "Kids and parents get it: P+I > P where I > 0"

6. "Why would anyone lend without interest?" -with monetary reform author Xabier Garay

7. "Globalist banksters LOVE gold money"



Part III: "Hour Money Jubilee eBook". Hour Money Jubilee is a 89 page guide to monetary enlightenment. The specific problem and the very detailed solution are presented. The problem: a deeper history of how the Babylonian money system started. The solution: how to start a usuryFree Hour Money local currency system where you live. Finally, how we can network these time-denominated Hour Money systems across the planet. 

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1. "Jubilee, Let it Be" 

Chapter 2. What is money?

Chapter 3. Who is the Jubilee for?

Chapter 4. When should we have a Jubilee?

Chapter 5. How will we push for a Jubilee?

Chapter 6. Is the Jubilee simply massive irresponsibility?

Chapter 7. Why hasn't this been done already?

Chapter 8. Who is the enemy?

Chapter 9. Forgiveness of Mammon's sin

Chapter 10. Is this secession?

Chapter 11. Is there a real movement for Jubilee?

Chapter 12. How is Hour Money issued?

Chapter 13. Is this why the American War of Independence was fought?

Chapter 14. Is the Jubilee Commie redistribution of wealth?

Chapter 15. Difference between spirituality, religion and the Church?

Chapter 16. Steve Jobs, LSD and spiritual leadership

Chapter 17. Rastafari, Bob Marley, raggae, and marijuana

Chapter 18. Heaven on Earth:Getting paid for what you love to do

Chapter 19. Who will be the 100th Monkey?

Chapter 20. Monetary reform system evaluation

Chapter 21. How to start a movement

Chapter 22. What are the benefits of Hour Money?

Chapter 23. Hour Money local, state, national, international

Chapter 24. Hour Money decision making process

Chapter 25. Performance metrics competition

Chapter 26. Jubilee Options: Rebirth the Earth

Chapter 27. The Jubilee Ceremony: Break down walls of separation

Chapter 28. Personal development science applied

Chapter 29. Emancipation Entertainment: The Jubilee Jamboree

Chapter 30. Conclusions and a call to action! 

"Sacred economics based upon ancient wisdom reveal a solution for immediate and massive economic abundance"

Special Bonus Video: "Hour Money Jubilee's Unique Selling Proposition"  Any honest soul will recognize that the usuryFree Jubilee is the foundational, paradigm shift that is necessary to create Heaven on Earth. It serves the best interests of both Believers and non-believers alike. Sadly, many people have been very turned off by religion and Christianity as they have been usurped. Therefore, most of my sales and educational videos are targeted to a more secular audience. Although, the entire plan is based upon the HIGHEST SPIRITUAL LAW; the sales tools minimize language which is offensive to non-believers.

The usuryFree Jubilee is an idea whose time has come. We simply need to share the benefits of this Love Revolution to our Brothers and Sisters. How we differentiate the usuryFree Jubilee from the usurers' "loyal opposition" revolutions is called the Unique Selling Proposition(USP). How are we certain that they are "loyal opposition"? They don't even mention usury, jubilee or even monetary reform.

To persuade others to consider these concepts we don't talk about scary subjects and fear-monger. "Truth hurts" and causes others to immediately reject us. Rather than using the "stick of truth" we offer the "carrot of rewards". All living things seek pleasure and avoid pain. To have more impact we offer the pleasure of rewards!

The Unique Selling Proposition(USP) of the of this grand initiative is articulated so that you can recruit members to you tribe without fear. Our bonus video is a tool that you can show to your tribe. Or, you can model it and make your own version. This entire training is about YOU becoming the leader of your own tribe. We want to elevate those who follow the LAW locally, not built up a new cult-of-personality around a centralized "leader". Get this video as a bonus for empowering yourself! 




Join the usuryFree Jubilee movement! 


As you see the usuryFree Jubilee Love Revolution's economic system. It supports our own gifts abundance, the Non-Aggression Principle and Peace of Mind for all. Both the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movements get what they want with social programs funded without the violence of taxation. Globalist colonization is replaced by locally controlled economies with maximum distribution of power. Even the "den of thieves" have an avenue to return to the One Love once they repent.

For $35 you get: 

Part I: "The usuryFree Jubilee" Audio: Empower yourself with Courageous Christ Consciousness

(7 interviews/5 hours)

Part II: "Jesus Hates Usury" Video: Never be deceived with "loyal opposition" movements

(7 videos/70 minutes) 

Part III: "Hour Money Jubilee eBook". Discover the details on how to set up a usuryFree, local currency.

(30 chapters/89 pages)

Bonus: "Hour Money Jubilee Unique Selling Proposition"

(22 min.)

Bonus II: "Jubilee Rebirth: A Jah Warriors Path from Zero to Hero

(1.5 Hour Video)   This additional bonus has been added to accelerate the awakening. Learn from full-time political and monetary reform activists. We've protested, organized events and built and offgrid survival property. Discover why that was a waste of time. And what's necessary to have impact! 

Chapter 1: "11 Mistakes Most Activists Make""

Chapter 2: "Your share of the Repatriated Common Wealth

Chapter 3: "Our secret, spiritual weapon to Beat Mammon"

Chapter 4: "How to Star in the uFJ Love Revolution"


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Bill Still (Internatioanal, monetary reform icon, author and documentarian)

"Alternative currencies do work. And just may be the best way to immediately initiate some sort of monetary reform"



Cheri Honkala (2012 Green Party VP Nominee)

"I was absolutely fascinated to come here to spend mtnHours"


Adam Kokesh(Iraq Veterans Against the War/Adam vs the Man)

"Mountain Hours to defeat the Fed?"


Cynthia McKinney (Fmr Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party Presidential Nominee)

"The kind of structural, revolutionary change that we need"



Jill Stein (2012 Green Party Presidential Nominee)

"End private banks' control of money creation"



John "King of the Paupers" Turmel  (Anti-Poverty engineer)

"usuryFree monetary reform for banking on earth as it is in Heaven" 


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