Vacuous, fatuous, inane. . .mindless:


This describes 99% of art and media regardless of the source.

Whether it's music, theater, cinema, TV, print or whatever... the artists have sold-out to the "money power" or are ignorant to the truth. What truth? The MOST essential information that exists on planet earth is:  that which will emancipate their mind, bodies and souls. Just like the Matrix movie, humanity has been turned into human batteries by the elite by the "money power".

The Matrix is energized by our commercial energy through a corrupt monetary system. This corrupt monetary system is the root of all evil. War, scarcity, division, hunger, homelessness, joblessness and environmental destruction are all symptoms of a corrupt monetary system. 

Artists should be courageously exposing the details of this highly innovated form of modern slavery. Although, they may speak about the symptoms, they don't identify the root cause. It's NOT greed, or governments, or corporations. Each of those are symptoms of a corrupt monetary system. 

Humanity is going to continue to circle the drain and drift down. Our standard of living is going to decrease just as it has been. Just 40 years ago a single bread-winner could support a middle class family and put the kids through college. Now, both parents and the kids working have a difficult time doing the same thing.

Things are bad and getting worse, but the "sell out" artists are silent.

The US has come to a state of perpetual war regardless of who is President. The members of the military are losing just as many to suicide as to combat. Think about those lost souls. Something is seriously wrong, but there seems to be nobody with foundational solutions. 

True artists are supposed to be thoughtful philosophers who maintain a cultures moral compass. Today, they're the opposite. During the Vietnam War the airwaves were full of anti-war music. John Lennon, Credence Clearwater Revival, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, the Doors, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Today, the musical artists have zero moral compass while the airwaves are silent on the war issue.


Why are artists silent while brown people die for empire?

Control of the monetary system permits a tiny cabal to control a culture. The history, present and future are engineered. Americans are killing people in Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and Syria. The President can even murder an American citizen without trial. Meanwhile, the police state grows as George Orwell and Carlin roll in their graves. Because the artists are silent, the youth are too. Our corrupt culture elevates the celebrity of the day. Tyrants of old knew to give "bread and circuses" to the ignorant masses. They did this to occupy the slaves' minds with anything except the awareness of their survitude.

The slave-master cares not about what we think and bicker about, so long as we continue to pay our debts and taxes. Meanwhile, the 1% banking elite grow filthy rich as the masses just get filthy. Humanity has come to a state of perpetual debt slavery. A child in the US is born into $50k of debt. Students graduate with meaningless college degrees where job earnings don't cover the debts.

What's the EXACT problem?

Perpetual debt is a symptom of a monetary system based upon debt and interest. Today, all of our money is issued and loaned as a debt with interest by private banks. Sacred economic LAW forbid this practice for thousands of years. They called it USURY. It was understood that ANY usury/interest/riba was a Sin of the highest degree. Jews, Christians and Muslims each forbid it before they sold out to the same "money power" as todays artists. 

Usury USURPS by taking an honest movement then replacing it with a violent counterfeit. The banksters let money flow to the counterfeit/violent group while the original movement is ignored. Eventually, the peace-loving original movement withers away. This has happened to EVERY SINGLE INSTITUION ON PLANET EARTH. This is why courts destroy justice, medicine destroys health, the Church destroys spirituality and banks destroy wealth. You name the institution. If they except usury based money, they have been USURPED. The government itself is no longer sovereign and has been replaced by a bank oligarch.

What's the solution to usury usurpation and perpetual debt slavery?

There are 2 essential sacred economic LAWS which today's "money masters" ignore. By ignoring these two natural LAWS we are condemned with living with Hell on Earth. Alternatively, if we follow the usuryFree Jubilee we will be Blessed with Heaven on Earth. usuryFree means a monetary system without interest/usury/riba. Jubilee is the Biblical requirement for a debt forgiveness Jubilee each 7 and 49 years. The 4th of the Ten Commandments say: "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy". The Sabbath occurs each 7 days, 7 years and 7x7 years(49/50). 

Remember, this was at a time when there were only 10 LAWS. They followed these LAWS so that they weren't ruled by the usury banksters. They called the banksters the "den of thieves" or Mammon. Because the Church has been USURPED they don't teach this stuff with emphasis. Moses and Jesus were courageous bank fighters. The ONLY TIME Jesus got violent was with the "den on of thieves". They perpetually steal because it's impossible for all borrowers to pay their debts. PERIOD. Interest based contracts are like a "game of musical chairs" were there are certain losers. This is why the banks have the biggest buildings in every city and they own ALL the land.

The usuryFree Jubilee LAW returned stolen land to the people and their debts were forgiven. This is a natural cycle, because debt grows like a cancer when interest is permitted. This cycle of debt has grown so long that the TV is filled with news about financial crisis. However, the talking heads are paid by the banksters to remain silent about the root cause and solution.

Monetary control and the debt Jubilee forgiveness were the primary motivations for the American Revolution. In fact the Liberty Bell is inscribed with the Jubilee LAW.

"You shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim Liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants; it shall be a Jubilee for you" (Leviticus 25:10)

The usuryFree Jubilee is LAW made by the Creator like gravity.

Like gravity we can ignore the LAW, but we cannot ignore the consequences. If we permit usury, we are certain to eventually become debt slaves. Usury creates a debt Ponzi black hole which consumes all our energy and natural resources. Usury is a Sin against humanity and nature. Usury is the most evil force ever known. Silently, it finances all of the un-just things we see in the world. Psychopaths rule humanity through the monetary system.

How do we get more people to understand the problem and solution?

Mammon has no power without us. We are the human batteries which fuel their evil system. They live in opulence while we live in growing debt. A tiny few control this system and that's the key to un-raveling the whole mess. Because a tiny few control the existing system. With a tiny few we can create an alternative system. Creation is key. We must build and not destroy.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model which makes the existing model obsolete" -Buckminster Fuller.

Did you know there are 100 local currency systems in the US today?

We are a dedicated group of Love Revolutionaries who are building a new usuryFree Jubilee system. This a voluntary monetary system based upon support of the Non-Aggression Principle(NAP). The usuryFree Jubilee unites left and the right as each group gets what they want. We eliminate the force and fraud of the existing system AND finance massive abundance for social programs. An interest-free mortgage removes 20 years from a 30 year loan with the same monthly payment. Everyone wins with the usuryFree Jubilee. Jubilee is the re-unification of the human spirit. Sacred economics support ONE LOVE.

We have started a LOVE REVOLUTION and we need more LOVE REVOLUTIONARIES! 

We need more to become CONSCIOUS of the problem and solution to the problems facing humanity. Nothing will change if we continue to use Mammon's monetary system. Remember, the dollars in your pocket are created by a company, not the US government. If you look in the phone book, you will find the Federal Reserve under the business pages. Once awake to this scam we must create, grow and use our own locally created money. This is the way that we peacefully remove our energy from a system which is built to destroy us. We must end our addiction to private Federal Reserve Notes. 

The Wandering Monks "Jubilee" album

The Wandering Monks enlightened hip-hop group have created an entire music album which supports the usuryFree Jubilee. Each song is focused on sacred economic abundance. The funky Monks are Colorado based as are the local currencies which they promote and accept for their music. What other artists cover-up, the Monks expose. Not only do they talk about the problems; but also the solution. These are the type of artists which humanity needs right now. The usuryFree Jubilee is a message of hope during very scary times. 

The Monks mix reggae, soul and blues to wrap catchy beats around difficult messages. The music and the message combined for a powerful, spiritual experience not found anywhere else. The Monks are true Love Revolutionaries who combine LOVE and TRUTH in their music. 




What you get: The Wandering Monks "Jubilee" album(digital download)

1. "Monay vs Energy" 

2. "Officer of Peace"

3. "Jubilee"

4. "Forgiveness"

5. "Abundance"

6. "Change the World"

7. "Jubilee Plan Outro"

8. "Believe in your Dreams"


Video Bonus! 

The Wandering Monks go inside the music to talk about the Jubilee album and the Love Revolution. Additionally, will have a copy of 3 music videos from the album.

"Monay vs Energy", "Officer of Peace" and "Abundance"

Be sure to checkout the Ark of the Covenant inside the "Officer of Peace" music video. Along with a special guest appearance by the Green Party VP nominee Cheri Honkala!


Video 1: Monks discuss inspiration for each song from "Jubilee"

Video 2: Monks promote usuryFree Hour Money

Video 3: Monks accept Hour Money in exchange for music.

Video 4. Music video: "Monay vs Energy"

Video 5: Music video: "Abundance"

Video 6. Music video: "Officer of Peace" featuring Green Party VP nominee Cheri Honkala



Please support this beautiful, conscious music. This music has a powerful message of monetary truth AND ONE LOVE. Both are necessary to rebuild humanity on a sound foundation. 

"Let it Be, Jubilee" 




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