...are you you looking for a new calling in life? If so, this page offers the details of a 90 day virtual bootcamp for activists.  The purpose of the group is to implement the usuryFree Jubilee. Here we take the theoretical and make it practical. We take thoughts and words, then initiate action.

The goal? To unite the left and right by giving each faction what they want through a usuryFree monetary system. ONE LOVE means we are responsible for all our Brothers and Sisters. We can support the Non-Aggression Principle, meanwhile finance abundant money for social programs. If you're ready for this; please continue reading!









Think deeply about this for a moment . . .


. . . how would your TOMBSTONE read, if you died today?



How will your soul be remembered?

Certainly this excercise is among the most the most difficult that anyone can face. It puts us front and center with all of our faults, regrets and sins. However, this is a necessary step to take "self-inventory" and realign yourself with your true purpose in life. It makes us ask the big questions like: "What's the meaning of life?" and "Why are we here?".

The process of awakening, consciousness or ascention is a painful one. The "den of thieves" have built an entire culture to prevent it. By corrupting our souls they have neutralized Christianity. Most Christians are even afraid to say they're Christian within their social circles. With Christianity USURPED evil has run wild. Turn on the TV and you'll see a culture which promotes the worst human values. This corrupt culture is a breading ground for lost souls who persue false values and false idols.

The culture wants us to be soul-less zombies living a life-less existance. The Zombie Apocalypse is already upon us. Most people aren't LIVING THEIR LIFE. Life is being imposed upon them. The "den of thieves" is using technology and a materialistic culture to impose a script for evil on humanity. The Beast is picking our individual and collective script for a nightmarish future. Humanity has lost its sovereignty. Our addictions to "false idols" and "false values" are fueling our own demise. By coveting possessions we persue the usurers' money which enslaves us even further.



  noun \?-?dik-sh?n\   
:persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be physically, psychologically, or socially harmful.

Humanity is physically addicted to private Federal Reserve Notes. We can't live without them in the dominant economy. Without the usurers' money we can't have food, water and shelter. Just like the movie Avatar the usurers have colonized planet earth. We have given up our spiritual connection to nature and Creation in exchange for "civilization". "Civilization" means granting your spirit and energy to the USURER so that they can live parasitically off your productivity. Remember, Mammon does this through both force and fraud. We are debt servants on the most innovated plantation ever conscieved. 

Simly by ignoring our servitude we give up our souls. In order for our souls to soar they need love and truth. The Church ONLY promotes Jesus' message of love. Their silence over debt slavery permit the Beast to suppress the human soul. We are Created "in the image of God". We are born with the spark of life, artistry, invention and creativity.

"With God all things are possible". We can accomplish ANY goal which afflicts humanity. We can cure cancer, heal the planet, fix Fukushima, end poverty, hunger and homelessness. ANYTHING. However, we must have a revolution in our own minds first. We must remove the lies which Mammon's minions have sold to us. We must end our "learned helplessness". We must end our addiction to the usurer's FRN's. 

End Addiction: "Admit you have a problem"

The essential first step of ending addiction is admitting you have a problem. Humanity has a very, very big problem. The global petrol-dollar is required to live. Prior to the usurers's paper and digital dollar; they used gold and silver dollars to do the same thing. This problem existed in Moses' time, Jesus', Colonial America and today. Debt slavery has been the human rights issue of ALL TIME. Remember, the Battle of Armageddon is the final conflict between the keepers and abolitionists of usury(John Turmel). We are living through this right now.

The final Revelation is that: "usury is the root of all evil". Therefore, when we eliminate USURY we will end the rule of the many by the tiny few. The producers will return to sovereignty over the debt parasites. Certainly, sin will still exist. However, humanity won't finance institutionalized sin through the money power. No longer will truly evil psychopaths control the collective commercial energy of the masses. 

So, we do have an addiction which is killing us. And, CURRENTLY, we can't live without that which destoys us. This TRUTH is difficult to accept. The existing money system is easy to use, if you have money. It's very convenient. When we have Federal Reserve Notes we can certainly buy material things. Having lots of FRN's give us status so that we can attract a marriage partner. It gives us stability, so that we can raise a child without living in a violence infested neighborhood. Struggles over money cause many divorces. This is what the devil does in order to seduce us to give away our souls. 

End Addiction Epitaph:

The next step to end addiction is to align your soul with its highest purpose. Jesus taught us to "love one another" and hate usury. Remember, love the sinner(usurer) hate the sin(usury). We are Commanded to follow the Creator's LAW of the usuryFree Jubilee in order to manifest Heaven on Earth. Our highest purpose is to be in service to one another and co-create Heaven on Earth. It's our responsibility to use our unique God-given gifts. We must combat evil which is perpetrating genocide on our Brothers and Sisters as we speak.

What beautiful gifts have you been Blessed with? Don't ask the corrupt culture for the answer. Take some time to think about this as it will help you craft your own epitaph. Before, I was re-Born, I would be embarrassed to read what might be on my tombstone. I'm not sure anyone would even come to my funeral. I had a very destructive and hedonistic personality. There were things that I have done which would make Charlie Sheen blush. My friends from those days would laugh at the thought that I would be teaching anyone about morality or spirituality. 

Listen, "with God all things are possible". We all can redeem our souls. We must repent, realign and rebuild. The usuryFree Jubilee gives us the highest LAW to be in alignment with. From there we have a sound foundation to rebuild ourselves and our tribes. Christ is the redeemer of debt and sin. He is the redeemer of souls. Please take the time to really think about this. Repent and forgive yourself for whatever it is that troubles you. This process is absolutely essential so that you empower your soul to truly challenge evil.

We build our own prison with our sins. It's time to repent and remove those bars so that your baggage has been removed. Humanity desperately needs you. Repeat: HUMANITY DESPERATELY NEEDS YOU. The Battle of Armaggedon is happening right now. Lost souls are killing themselves and killing others because of this corrupt culture engineered by the USURERS. The struggle for the human soul starts right now with your own. We must replace false trust in Mammon's institutions with Belief in the Creator, the usuryFree Jubilee and ourselves.

You are awesome because God doesn't make mistakes. Please, sit down and write your epitaph. Tell the world how you have re-aligned your soul to co-create Heaven on Earth. How will your beautiful gifts be a part of that NEW STORY for humanity? How will your own soul have a Jubilee rebirth?

Spiritual war.

Mammon has engineered a corrupt culture built on false values. The physical world is emphasized while the spiritual world is demonized, ignored and destroyed. For example: Most people know Doctor Martin Luther King. But, how many know Martin Luther King was a Reverend? Mammon does NOT wish to be confronted in the spiritual realm. Jesus, Gandhi and REVEREND Marting Luther King were courageous SPIRITUAL LEADERS. Mammon has "full spectrum dominance" in the physical world, but NONE in the spiritual world

Mammon has no power at all accept that which we give it. Like the Wizard of Oz, his power relies upon our actions and beliefs. If we have dark angry energy, we fuel Mammon. If we are fueled with revenge for Mammon's evil acts, we will fall to the "dark side". The righteous path is narrow. Don't build your soul's future upon revenge for the past. Remember, "love the sinner(usurers), hate the sin(usury). Don't hate other debt slaves for being trapped in Mammon's web of dependence. Anyone using Federal Reserve Notes is an addict just like you. Addictions manifest destructive behavior. "Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde" is well known with alcoholics. It goes the same with USURY addicts. Nobody I know is free from USURY addiction. 

"False Idols": ego, physical appearance, celebrity, money, sports, position, materialism"

TV, movies, music, education and politics are tools used by the Beast to build up false values. The masses follow what's trendy and popular then model it. However, what's trendy and popular is built upon an illusion. The entire "way of life" is built on the least meaningful aspects of the human experience. Whatever, the dominant culture embraces turn the opposite way. The system is designed to keep us in state of perpetual childhood. They act as our "loving" parents who will protect us and keep us safe from the bad guys. 

We must become protectors of our tribe instead. Set you spirit to its highest purpose by focusing on being of service to the ONE LOVE. We must re-build our culture based upon justice, peace, enlightenment, abundance, responsibility, freedom, health and hope. Mammon has usurped all of our institutions so that they no longer serve their true intention. For example: banks destroy wealth, medicine destroys health, courts destroy justice and the Church destroys spirituality. Rather than complain about this usurpation like helpless children, we are required to take responsibility to rebuild.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" -Buckminster Fuller.

As children of God we are here to co-create Heaven on Earth. Children of God have MASSIVE Creative power to rebuild the world anew. We must build a banking system which builds wealth for the "have nots". We must build a medical system which cures disease. We must build a justice system which protects humanity from the force and fraud of Mammon's minions. We must build a justice system which arrests banksters not those who protest the banksters austerity. We must build an educational system which exposes the "root of all evil" rather than covering it up. 

Soul Symphony

Who is going to rebuild humanity's corrupt institutions? We are! The usuryFree Jubilee is the central core of that re-education process. It's based upon following nature's LAW, so that we don't become dominated by the debt masters. We "can't serve two masters" so the usuryFree Jubilee is the foundation for us to serve our highest selves.

Each of us will use our artistry in a grand symphony of Creation. We are the empower, human spirit. We are the 2nd Coming of Christ manifested in the physical world. He wants His children to save themselves by following their passions, gifts and His truth. This is the real-world miracle which we shall co-create together. There is absolutely nothing stopping us, but us. 

A passionate, well organized, tiny minority will be the inspiration to the world. Each of us will fill our role within this soul symphony. We will rebuild a society free from force, fraud, fear and scarcity. We will unite left and right, color and class. Our passions and gifts will be elevated. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the process of emancipation as we know that we are guided with the vision of Jubilee rebirth.

Where are we? Where do we want to go? What will we sacrifice to get there?

1. Starting condition: Usury addicts. 2. Finish goal: usuryFree Jubilee emancipation. 3. What will we sacrifice to get there? Part 3 is the tricky part for most. What are you willing to sacrifice to get it? What beliefs, time, money or energy are you willing to give up? We're going to create the greatest miracle since God created the universe. Because of our love of friends, families and neighbors, we are prepared to give. We must surrender our ego. Then, act as a the vessel for the Creator's will. That doesn't mean you give up your individuality! We need your unique soul power to achieve greatness. 

"Sacrifice": giving up what you want right now, so that you can have what you really want.

Maslow's Heirchy of needs lists the following necessities for survival through "self-actualization" and "peak experiences".

The "den of thieves" have stolen our hopes for most things above basic survival level. Through scarce money we are forced to focus on just food, water and shelter. Scarce money also forces us to "sell our souls" and take jobs we dislike and don't feed our passion. Then we covet technology toys which imputs additional false values into our consciousness. We are receiving messages of slave conditioning. Rather we should be putting out messages of emancipation. Technology shouldn't be used to create a dependent, police state. It should be used toward our individual and collective self-actualization.

noun:  the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities; especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.
Self-actualization is your individual experience of independence. The foundation of this is being able to make a living in the vocation of your passion. "When you do what you love for a living; you never work a day of your life". A corrupt money system makes this very difficult for most. Scarcity is built into the system. 
Peak Experience(spiritual orgasm) is a term used to describe certain transpersonal and ecstatic states, particularly one tinged with themes of euphoria, harmonization and interconnectedness.
Human being are social creatures that require connection to others. We crave being part of something bigger than themselves. The Beast understands this and uses our humanity against us. They manipulate our fears and tribal instincts so that we learn to hate other debt slaves. War, hate and violence are used to divide and conquer us. We have been taught to worship the military warriors. The violent culture tells us to "support the troops" when the TRUTH is: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Children of God".
We will create genuine Peak Experiences by uniting "self-actualized" souls with common purpose. The usuryFree Jubilee is the necessary foundation for genuine abundance, peace and justice. Abundance and peace of mind are the environment that we all need to achieve our greatest potential. Once we grow our gifts individually, we combine our energy together to manifest real life miracles. We see this in sports all the time. Imagine what it will be like for a victory for all humanity. A victory for the "have-nots".

The usuryFree Jubilee Mission Statement: "The redemption of our individual and collective soul through empowered service in order to co-create Heaven on Earth."

How's that for a mouthful? What does it mean? We must each have an internal R3VOLution and learn to love ourselves based upon our soul power. Then build the confidence to employ our gifts in the real world. We must have the courage to get out of our comfort zone and embrace the certainty of initial failure. We must attain Courageous Christ Consciousness. 

We can do this by ourselves, or with friends and family. We can do our own homeschooling. We must build systems to assist others on this same path. We can do this many ways slowly. But, the fastestest, easiest way is through collaboration with others on the same path. While the dominant culture focuses on our flaws; we will focus on our gifts. By focusing on strenghts rather than weaknesses we make learning far more fun. The accelerated, focused, fun path is: 

90 Day Courageous Christ Consciousness Challenge(C4)

It takes 90 days to break a habit.

That's the purpose of this program. Humanity desperately needs genuine spiritual leaders to guide it through a very dark period. To build those leaders we have created a 90 day online bootcamp to build Courageous Christ Consciousness. C4 is a virtual bootcamp designed to build an elite force of spiritual warriors. Jesus Christ came to fulfill the usuryFree Jubilee LAW. He enforced the LAW with soul power. Armed only with love and truth C4 members will learn how to do the same. 

All achievement comes through focus. We will sacrifice what we want right now, so that we can have what we really want. This eliminates distractions and permits achievement. Break through the clutter! C4 is designed to bypass corrupt institutions and gate-keepers; so that your soul has a direct connection with the Creator. The weekly training will remove that which doesn't serve your highest purpose. You will un-learn that which the "den of thieves" has programmed into your mind. By removing the habit of "self-limiting beliefs" your mind will explode with possibilities. 

Who is this the ideal candidate? Any soul who is ready to serve humanity and resist evil. 

Who is this not for? Violent, hateful, angry souls who support Mammon's war on our brown Brothers and Sisters. Or, close-minded  Christians who are obedient to the Church rather than His usuryFree Jubilee LAW. 

Here's what's included in C4: 

Mind, body and soul improvement. 

1. 90 Day virtual bootcamp. Weekly mind, body and soul challenges to massively expand your comfort zone through accountability. Challenges are tailored to your strengths and specific goals. Certification upon completion. Each of us has challenges and fears which prevent us from doing things that we want with our lives. Public speaking for instance. We will over-come those challenges.

The truly "Few the Proud" will graduate from this program designed to create LAW FOLLOWING leaders. It's our responsibility to heal humanity and our planet. With love, courage, truth and Belief we will be the Ark Angels which lead a Love Revolution. We will talk about how ANY PROBLEM facing humanity can be solved through the usurFree Jubilee. Then implement our strategy to fix that problem. "With God all things are possible"

The program will focus on individual and tribe Jubilee re-birth. Where are we? Where do we want to go? And what must we do to arrive there? Then follow up with empowerd action with accountability for progress.

The workbook will guide you through the process of becomming a tested and certified usuryFree Jubilist. (Angel 2nd Class from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life") 

"Via, Veritas, Vita means the Way, the Truth, the Life": focus, achievement and fun!

2. Genius Network Call: A weekly conference call/webinar with a spiritual, monetary, truth or thought leader. The calls will be focused on: How usuryFree money can cure ANY CAUSE. We will take the cause that you're most passionate about and create a detailed strategy to solve it with Hour Money. These strategies can then be modeled by other tribes. Local, national and international problems can be solved in the same fashion. 

3. The Wandering Monks "Jubilee" music album: 8 songs, video commentary and usuryFree Jubilee music videos. "The Wandering Monks will get you uplifted". Their enlightened hip-hop music album is the only one of its kind. "Jubilee" is a step-by-step musical plan to save the world through the usuryFree Jubilee. This is essential listening to empower your soul for the Love Revolution. Play "Jubilee" for yourself, but especially your tribe. "Jubilee" is the sound track to our emancipation. Get your friends, neighbors, family and church dancing in Jubilation for great miracles. 

Track 1: "Monay vs Energy"

Track 2: "Officer of Peace"

Track 3: "Jubilee"

Track 4: "Forgiveness"

Track 5: "Abundance"

Track 6: "Change the World"

Track 7: "Jubilee Plan Outro"

Track 8: "Believe in Your Dreams"

Video: "Monks Talk Jubilee" The Wandering Monks go inside the music to talk about the songs from "Jubilee".

Music video: "Monay vs Energy"  The mtnHours local currency theme song

Music video: "Officer of Peace" The Monks fight a foreclosure with Cheri Honkala

Music video: "Abundance" Our future economic system under the usuryFree Jubilee LAW

Don't miss the Wandering Monks manifesting a debt forgiveness Jubilee! The Ark, Hour Money and the Jubilee Sheriff take on the bankster in their music video "Officer of Peace".  Featuring Green Party Vice-Presidential Nominee Cheri Honkala. 

4. 12 Video of Hour Money Jubilee(HMJ) monetary reform implementation. How "soul power" manifests ideas and implements them in the physical world.

Watch as activists take the usuryFree Jubilee THEORY and put it into affect. The greatest monetary reform icon on the planet, Bill Still, tests Hour Money! Actions speak louder than word as they say. Here you can see Hour Money being earned and spend. The lovers of peace now have their own monetary system. This is the essenial step for humanity to reclaim its sovereignty from "the den of thieves"

The usuryFree Jubilee is the Holy Grail of human consciousness. This is the silver-bullet plan to manifest Heaven on Earth! 

Video list:

1. "Let it Be, Jubilee" from PUFF sung by Sheriff Richard Mack, Adam Kokesh, Gary Franchi, Joby Weeks and others.

2. "Hour Money Jubilee Slideshow Orientation"

3. "HMJ Outreach"

4. "Why Jubilee?" with monetary reform author Xabier Garay"

5. "Usury Wars on Mother Nature"

6. "Top 6 Reasons Why Usury is Theft"

7. "Bill Still Tests Hour Money"

8. "Bible re-Written by the Father of Lies"

9. "Jubilee Sheriff"

10. "Jubilee Advocates"

11. "Ark of the Covenant Contents"

12. "Jubilee Parade Ceremony: Operation Jericho"

5. the11thCommandment.org: Complete access to the 11th Commandment website and partnership in co-creating this program. Currently, there is no interest free lending economics or finance training. One can't get a university degree in interest-free lending. This training system is  the basis for a new education system. You will be requested to improve this system for the next group of C4 Candidates.

The 11th Commandment website is the members' hub for usuryFree music, images, videos and discussions.  

Bonus: 1:1 Coaching Call with Wayne Walton. "How to make your passion your vocation through marketing."

Heaven on Earth is working in the vocation of your passion. "Do what you love for a living and never work a day in your life". Discover how direct-response marketing is the key creating the lifestyle of your dreams. Detailed questions about Hour Money local currency are welcomed as well.  


"Those who love peace must organize as well as those who love war" -Reverend Martin Luther King.

The 90 Day Courageous Christ Consciousness Challenge(C4) is the virtual bootcamp for the "lovers of peace" to organize their own monetary system backed by their own "soul power". Immediate, digital download so no waiting required. 


Join humanity's Genius Network focused emancipation from debt slavery.  Now is the time, and this is the right group of co-creators. "What the mind can conceive, and believe, we can achieve". Belief over fear will manifest the greatest miracle in history. Our destination is Heaven on Earth. Free from force, fraud and lack. Our dream: peace of mind for all of our Brothers and Sisters regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender or economic status.

No longer will the producers be dependent on the parasitic usurers. We are dedicated to "flippin' pyramids" and returning power to the people" locally. The core of this Love Revolution is the Love Currency issued by the "have nots" based upon their own products and services. This isn't theory. There are already 100 local currencies in the US alone. We simply need to network these systems and create more to build our own voluntary, independent, economic system.

"For every 1000 hacking at the branches of evil; there is 1 who strikes the root" -Henry David Thorea

This training system is designed to recruit and equip more souls to "strike the root". Empowered usury abolitionists are Kryptonite to the Beast. usuryFree Hour Money is the Achilles Heal to a corrupt system which appears to be all powerful. This same struggle has plagued humanity throughout its history. Moses, Jesus and Muhammad each warned humanity about the usurers' corruptive influence. Later, The American Revolution was fought to free the new world from Mammon's grip. Today, we rise to resist this same evil. This is truly the ultimate, real life, David vs Goliath challange. 

My name is Wayne Walton and I have spent approximately $100,000 dollars on monetary reform education and implementation. We've learned a lot in that process. I'm certain that with focused activity we will be victorious. All humanity will benefit as we wish to change the system, rather than blame anyone. Co-creation of benevolent systems is the key. Discover the path to victory over the "money power" THEN be part of the epic win over evil! Humanity desperately needs your committed, empowered soul to lead the Love Revolution. Please, join us to "strike the root"!





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