Fun, fanciful, and festive, cupcakes offer the simplicity of a comfort food and the uniqueness of a special treat. They combine the bite-sized convenience of a cookie with the elegance of a cake. Now, with Perfect Cupcakes, you can easily explore the full range of what a cupcake can be. Choose confetti-colored sprinkles for a child's birthday party, or a more sophisticated, spicier taste for the adult crowd. Find the perfect flavors to brighten your day - from the decadence of an after-dinner mint to the punch of passion fruit. Perfect cupcakes can take any form, all that matters is the delicious thrill they can bring to any occasion. Take the guesswork out of recipe hunting with the Perfect Cookbook series. Whether it's cupcakes or cocktails, these handy kitchen companions will tend to your every craving. Top-notch recipes, ranging from classic to cutting-edge, are paired with sumptuous photographs, ensuring that the rewards are always in sight. From brunch with friends to a holiday party, never again agonize over what to bring. With this series, the perfect answer is always right at your fingertips.










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