Operation HULK-SMASH

Who Else Wants To Harness Their Green Rage Monster

And FINALLY Build Rapid Business Success?


Mad kid


Hi, my name's Wally Conger. And like me, I know you've been there.

You go to a seminar…and you’re pumped.

You watch a video…and you’re pumped.

You listen to a business podcast…and you’re pumped.

At least for a few minutes.

Maybe even a full day.

Then you start hemming and hawing.

You get lazy.

Or you get scared.

What you need is a simple formula for getting off your ass. And even more important…STAYING off your ass.

You need HULK-SMASH techniques.

The bad news is they don’t teach HULK-SMASH principles in school.

The GOOD news is you can get all the secrets of Operation HULK-SMASH for just the price of a latte and scone at Starbucks.

Here's what you'll discover...

  • Why goal-setting generally sucks big time
  • How to quickly focus your Green Rage Monster
  • How to KEEP your Green Rage Monster turned on "high" 24/7
  • The absolute best way to use motivational books, videos, and quotes
  • Tough lessons I’ve learned from the trenches
  • And more





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